How Technology Has Impacted Parenting Essay

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Ever feel vanquished in the shifting, forever changing worlds of technology and mass media? Most parents today work hard trying to find a balance between trying to keep up, and staying ahead of what their children are doing. Between devices like cell phones, iPods, and other music players that have access to the Internet, game systems as great as yesterdays computers, and with all of this exposure to mass media, how can you be sure your child is being exposed to suitable content? As kids get older, too much screen time can intervene with activities such as being physically active, reading, doing homework, playing with others, and being with family. Although, teens are not alone, grown-ups are not much different than adolescents in spending too much time on gadgets; the effects of this also come with all kinds of dangers, as well as major benefits that help teens figure out who they are.
There is no doubt that there are major benefits to this. “The discussions and debates would be endless but the past of the present natural or man-made, technological evolution or not, I believe it’s the basic human relationship that binds us together” (Lucksom). As young teens pilot this strange world, they are developing the expertise that is vital to their educational success and, eventually, their ability to compete in this global economy. The same digital screens that give young teen’s access to the world of friends, entertainment, and information also give telecommuters, internet marketing professionals, and producers complete access to them. As well as amusement and communicating for 53 hours a day, young children and youth are consuming powerful information that will help them understand who they are and how they should think and even act because, “Children are growing up in a very different environment than they did even ten years ago” (Gensneimer).
As once stated, because children are being exposed to so much, there are hazards like: lack of physical activity, exposure to adult themes and content, and lack of interaction with family and peers. “Most people agree that technology from computers to cell phones to iPods has impacted every aspect of being a child” (Gensneimer). “Perie calls it a tool that can be used to build or destroy; she says children now have exponential choices” (Johnson). For the most part is true because there are more risks than there are benefits.
Most parents are clueless to what their children are doing on the internet or on their cell phones because technology has found away to cut out the middle man which are parents, and need to understand that media has a influence on everything they are concerned about in their child’s growth and development such as the way they perform in school, learning abilities, sexual role, and aggressive behavior. Needless to say parents work hard to keep their children from harm, but they think nothing of taking their child to an R-rated movie or allowing them to play violent video games....

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