How Technology Has Taken Over Tv Viewing Habits

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This paper will discuss the invention of the Television and how far television has come to where it stands today. The overpowering electronic devices are taking over Families TV viewing habits. Families would come together, share thoughts and laughter with one another over a show, but not anymore.
An invention that appeared before TV was the radio. The development of the radio began to evolve in 1893, it was used for mass communication. The radio was mainly used for maintaining contact between ships out a sea. Radio was so important to people and families because they would sit around at night and listen to the shows. It’s not even close to being that way today with TV nor Radio. Prior to the Radio and TV invention people used to retrieve their news entirely from newspapers. Then, Television popped into America in the late 1940’s. There was not one specific inventor who came up with the television. There were a few founders that had built on top of one another to make the TV better each time. The appearance of the television was black and white, with only a few channels available. The color varied between black and brown with or without bunny ears attached to give signal.
When the television first appeared on display, people were only watching a play on screen the size of coins. In 1953 the introduction of the first color TV set was introduced. Most people did not purchase one until the 1960's. In 1980 there was a rise in home video. Many of us began to tape shows, then we were able to choose what and when we wanted to watch it.

The new introduction of digital video recorders came into play the TiVo and Replay. Now everyone was able to skip commercials and pause as needed. The thought of being a working hard parent and never finding time for yourself, nor your shows was unthinkable. Valver (2013) had made a statement about how her weekend routine goes as planned, “I record all the shows I like and go nuts watching them all on the weekend.” Therefore, she would have no time otherwise to watch her shows because she is cranking them out on the weekend.
Television had its rise of time when it would be used to take a breather from a hard working day. It was when television had just existed and none of this technology was out to distract you, nor give you a choice on what to choose to relax with. TV was such a great source of entertainment; now with every other digital device out there why would you need one. The outlook of TV today is not even close to what people were able to do back then. If you had missed a part due to an interruption, you had to hope there was going to be a repeat.
Rather than referring to watching too much TV at once as overindulging, why not consider it as hypnotic. When there were people working excessively not being able to watch shows and would sit on that one day they had off and watch all day , that then would...

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