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How Technology Enhances The Physical Education Curriculum

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How technology enhances the physical education curriculum

In order to improve the physical education curriculum educators must incorporate technology to enhance computer literacy, develop software that complements physical education and integrate technology to enhance performance. The world we live in today is filled with technological advancements and we are only going to become more and more technologically oriented as a society in the future. These new advancements in technology are improving our lives and making things possible we had never thought possible before now. As well as these changes in our daily lives, technology has also changed the face of education, specifically physical education. As educators searching for the best possible way for our students to learn we must use everything we can to enhance learning and to enhance the curriculum. Technology continuously provides us with opportunities to improve our learning making it easier to access many things that before were just not possible. Technology enables us to do things that a lot of us take for granted but because of technology we have access to the world without leaving the confines of one room. There are many new ways use and incorporate technology in physical education in order to improve and enhance the physical education curriculum. With the prevalence of all these technological advancements it is unbelievable that most teachers don’t take advantage of it more to help us to enhance the physical education curriculum.

The need to incorporate technology in the classroom is extremely great. With the increasing obesity trends most likely due to lack of inactivity children are suffering from more and more health related problems. “Doctors are alarmed about the nation’s obesity epidemic, particularly among children. More than 1 million teens approximately three out of 10 overweight adolescents are on their way to diabetes, high blood pressure, and early heart attacks” (Thornburg, 2005) Because of the alarming presence of childhood obesity we much do as much as possible to keep children active. A great deal of video games and television shows require little or no physical activity. This causes children to sit around continuously and get fatter and fatter. Because of these poor health conditions of these children “Researchers in the United Kingdom state that this generation of children will be the first generation to die before their parents because of health issues stemming from obesity.” (Walking Towards Health and Fitness, 2004). It is imperative that as physical educators we must do all that we can do to help stop childhood obesity. Technology and the use of the Internet are now helping in many ways to try and get children more active and decrease inactivity. Many people blame technology as the cause of this inactivity. However, we live in a technological society so we much use it to help us correct this problem.

In today’s world computers and the Internet as well as...

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