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Far reaching changes have occurred throughout the world within the last forty years that has made this society in which children are growing up today much different from that for which their parents and grandparents prepared. Information and communication technologies are a central part of these changes. Childhood it seems is increasingly saturated by technology. Entertainment technology that includes Internet, iPads, TV, video games and cell phones has progressed so swiftly, that families have barely perceived the substantial effect and variations that their family organization and lifestyles have had. Needless to say, the consequences of technological innovation on children are complex, with both advantages and disadvantages. Whether technological innovation helps or deters the growth of your children’s thinking and ultimately their own self relies on what particular technological innovation is used and how and what frequency it is used. At least early in their lives, the power to determine children’s connection with technological innovation and, as a result, its impact on them, from synaptic action to aware thought is in the guardians hands, and with the right moderation, these arbitrary emerging forms of technology has the capacity to be the child’s best ally cum teacher (Currie & Eveline 2011).
Investigating the interplay between children and emerging technologies forces the question: How are children making sense of the various technologies and how do they participate in them? Theoretic contribution is centered on attempts to understanding the role children take on in their participation and negotiation of the technological environment. Assuming the position that childhood is a social phenomenon and children are active participants of society worthy of study in their own right, in-depth interviews have continuously been analyzed utilizing the grounded theory approach to develop an understanding for the topic under study. Data analyses reveal that children assume an autonomous nature, constructing, interpreting, and manipulating their technological environment. This dictates how technology is integrated in their lives within different contexts of family, peers, and school.
If for instance we take the case of the widely used internet, we find that accessibility of personal computers has resulted in introduction of the Internet and the World Wide Web into homes and schools. Consequently, in just a few short years the Internet has redefined the media habits of children. These has had significant impact on children where the internet has become the most convenient source of information and surprisingly the easiest albeit cheapest way to human contact thousands of kilometers in distance difference. Not surprising however, children have enthusiastically embraced such ubiquitous information technology, and this may be the reason why the newer generations are growing up with a sense of ease toward evolving computer-based, communication, and...

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