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How Technology Is Represented In Star Wars

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How Technology is Represented in Star Wars

When watching the film, Star Wars, it is impossible not to be aware of the technology that is represented in the film, partly because it is so much more advanced than our own is now, but also because we can imagine how we might someday acquire such technology. The central theme in Star Wars is good versus evil, clearly demonstrated by the technology in the film. While the Rebels (the good guys) use technology primarily to fight for freedom and quality of life for all, the Empire (the bad guys) use technology to develop weapons of destruction and war in an attempt to rule the galaxy. In addition to these two opposing sides, there is another group that doesn’t use technology for war. This group gets technology as it filters down from the other two groups at war. Consequently, in the film technology is used for good, for bad, and for everyday use. This mirrors our own society in many ways, and therefore, Star Wars is a great artifact to study to get a better understanding of our own technological advancements. In this report, we focus specifically on how the Empire, the Rebels, and the Non-Warring people of the film acquired, developed, and used technology and how that relates to our society today.


Although Star Wars takes place "in a galaxy far, far away," that does not mean that it is not significant or that it cannot be used to help us better understand our own society. Star Wars has had an enormous impact on our society and our popular culture. Just as anthropologists study other cultures, which in turn helps them better understand their own cultures, we can better understand ourselves by studying how technology is represented in this far-off place. By studying the technology of Star Wars, we glimpse our possible future, including space travel to other planets or even other star systems where we might come in contact with other species and societies. However, even if we don’t look into the future, Star Wars can tell us volumes about how technology can affect our society, especially as it pertains to war.

Through the ages there have been constant struggles to resolve disputes. However, as we can see through our history, sometimes peaceful resolutions are not possible because of misunderstandings, corruption, power, or greed. In these cases, one alternative to settling the dispute is war. Technology plays an extremely important role in war, and this is clearly demonstrated in Star Wars. Star Wars possesses similarities to our own culture and with the vast amounts of technology represented in the film, it is an ideal choice to better understand our own society.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to examine Star Wars because we feel intimately connected to the film and all that it represents. We grew up with R2D2, C3PO, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca. We dressed up like them for Halloween, we played Star Wars games for countless hours, we...

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