How Technology Leads To Social Isolation Or Increases Social Interaction

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The 21st century has seen an increase in the use of technology. Scenarios of individuals walking while listening to their iPods, people at restaurants using their iPads or mobile phones are common. Young children at homes are increasingly playing video games. In colleges and other institutions of higher learning, students are increasingly using technology devices such as the iPod, to listen to music between classes and sometimes during lectures. Based on different literature, there are very differing views on whether technology does cause social isolation or whether it increases social interaction. How technology leads to social isolation or increases social interaction depends on how an individual uses the technology. Additionally, the ability to manage technology use by an individual also affects the influence of technology on the individual.
Current technology increases access to the internet and social media. How individuals relate is being greatly influenced by the current technologies. People hanging in groups are more focused in their devices than with each other or their surroundings. Level of physical interactions thus tends to decrease among people who knew each other. Around the globe, there are increased reports of cases of individual overindulging in using the internet via various devices. The increase in the use of technology has greatly affected how individuals relate and interact with each other. A country like China, for instance, is currently experiencing increased cases of teenager being addicted to online gaming. Parents are more worried as they find it difficult to communicate with teenagers whose attitude become unpleasant. Internet addiction is considered a psychiatric disorder in some countries. Individuals are over using these technologies especially the internet to the extent that they develop mental health problems
Impact of technology on Social interaction
Human beings have a need to associate and interact with one another. Before the increase in technology and social networks, people would meet up and interact in various social places whether business or family events. The level of physical interaction provided increased ties between friends and acquaintances. Currently, the use of social media and online communication has increased the level of social interaction. Communication with friends in distant places is now faster, and people are keeping in touch constantly. However, according to Jayson (2012), strong ties in online relationships are not common. The ability of an individual to use social media to increase one’s personal network has resulted to an individual becoming lazy in terms of developing face-to-face relationships without the help of social media (Jayson, 2012). This is a common case where an individual has 1000 friends on Facebook yet his or her offline relationships cannot exceed 50 individuals. According to Omole and Ayeni (2013), online platforms allow people to make their lives...

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