How Teen Girls Are Portrayed In Today’s Generation

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During today’s generation, teenage girls are put on a certain pedestal of how they should act, look, and dress. Stress and pressure is put upon us girls to follow certain specificities given to us by today’s generation. Television, advertisements, and the internet are the culprits behind what is disrupting teen girls’ self-esteem. Television shows who cast skinny, tan, and beautiful models are giving teens a feeling of how they should look. The “skinny” girls who are portrayed on magazine covers and other advertisements lower a teenage girls’ self-esteem if she does not live up to these high expectations. Popular movies in theaters and on television normally show teen girls or women chasing ...view middle of the document...

” I can relate to this recent study as well, and agree that magazine covers and popular advertisements have influenced diets on myself.
A study was done on young women in Fiji about negotiating body image and identity during rapid social change. According to, Television, Disordered Eating, and Young Women in Fijji, “Media images that associate thinness with material success and marketing that promotes the possibility of reshaping the body have supported a perceived nexus between diligence, appearance, and social and material success.” It is shown through these quotations, that the reasons behind a woman reshaping her body are; thinness, material possessions, economics opportunities, and acceptance of peers. I can agree that the issue of wanting to look good comes from these few reasons. The women portrayed on magazine covers makes me feel like that is how I should look. Being thin and beautiful can make a young girl like myself, feel as if we can get further in life through our body image. Today, the acceptance of others is wanted by most people, especially young teenage girls. If we are thin, tall, and beautiful, we feel accepted by others.
The three main media sources that effects the way a young teenage girl looks at herself are television, advertisements, and the internet. Television shows usually cast young beautiful women as the leading role. As us teen girls watch and look up to popular television shows, it makes us feel bad about ourselves if we do not live up to the beauty of these young women. Beauty commercials which advertise make-up, tanning lotions, or diet plans, make us young teen girls feel as if we need these products in order to look and feel beautiful. Popular advertisements such as; Victoria Secret and other popular brand named stores, portray their models as tall and thin. Being a young girl who is exposed to these popular brand named stores, I feel as though I need to look like these women. Because these models are being portrayed to a wide...

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