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How Telenursing Allows Nurses To Give Care Through Technology

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What is Telenursing?
Telenursing is the use of technology to deliver nursing care and conduct nursing practice. Nurses engaged in telenursing practice continue to assess, plan, intervene, and evaluate the outcomes of nursing care. “Telenusring involves the use of various technologies to transmit data, voice, and video communication signals. It can include the use of telephones, computers, video-phones, and other more sophisticated devices that enable nurses to practice nursing in nontraditional ways.” (Grady, 2011) Technologies have advanced and become more affordable which makes telenursing more and more feasible..
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After discussing the patient’s complaint and viewing it on the videophone, videoconferencing monitor, or the internet, the nurse advises the patient on what they should do. In most cases, some simple counseling and advice on self-help measures are all that is needed. The telenurse may also recommend a visit to the physician or possibly a visit to the emergency room for further treatment.
Employment Opportunities
“Telenursing is a relatively young field; consequently, further long-term studies with regard to legal issues, cost, and safety are required before the technology can be integrated into the mainstream health-care system.” (Kumar, 2011) Many community hospitals and private businesses have now come to employ and rely on telenurses. This is a convenient service for those that have social economic issues such as transportation, mobility, fear, lack of insurance, etc. The city of Jacksonville, Fl has the present need for telenurses in each local hospital with specialty in various areas such as cardio, neuro, peds, med/surge,...

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