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How Television And The Internet Have Changed The World

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The newspaper can be considered the original form of media that allowed physical boundaries to be crossed and addressed information that was of public interest. Newspapers created a sense of perceived timelessness, the idea that information could be read by anyone at any time. It reflected the issues of the day and gave a medium for which society could discuss these issues, no matter their physical setting. It extended ideas of community, giving the public a sense of identity while satisfying societies need for information of events whether they were there or not. Newspapers provided a certain freedom for society. Members of the family could congregate around, for example, the dining room ...view middle of the document...

Having the television on almost becomes habit, and acts as a time keeper. (Everyday life in (front of) the screen: the consumption of multiple screen technologies in the living room context p. 196)
For example, early morning television such as breakfast shows follow a routine of repeating the current day’s news. This is because early morning viewership is quite disjointed; people jump in an out as they rush to get ready for the work day. This contrasts with the evening news, which is a more focused and structured broadcast. (Moores. S, p. 66)
The broadcasting of television does not just continue its routine flow however, for sometimes large societal events happen that interrupt the dailiness of the routine. These events can be unexpected and shocking, such as the Boston Marathon bombings, or grand planned occasions, such as the recent Royal Wedding. It is here where our routine goes beyond simply watching a greatly disjointed broadcast (Moores. S, p. 66). When events such as these happen, the routine is interrupted and thus our attention increases ten-fold. The live broadcasting of the event acts as a bridge that transports us to its very location, the television is able to deliver an impression of presence. It extends the media’s reach across vast geographical distances (The media and the public, p. 27). The effect is amplified when the event disturbs what would otherwise be a routine broadcast. The Boston attacks were so unexpected that it left many people in a suspension of disbelief. As Scannell (1996: 84) writes, it can “produce the effect of being there, of being involved in the occasion.” (Moores. S, p. 67).
It’s through the live broadcast that the private attendance of the home creates a sense of pluralisation; small groups assembled in the living room, the television at the centre of their concentration. This is a situation that brings a sense of togetherness and community, knowing you’re not the only one attending this ‘place’, and that numerous other groups are doing that exact same thing. This creates the experience of a sort of connected media ritual, whereby all of society experience similar feelings through the connection of that very event. Even if it is only a temporary thing, live broadcasting has such a powerful effect that it may stop entirely the routine of an individual or indeed a community. The predictable nature of life
The very nature of the television has however changed. This change has been a long time coming, for since the televisions inception, the role has played in the household been largely the same since the 1980’s. Once considered the centre of the home, our attentions have shifted as we adopt the ever growing and ever changing space of the internet.
In an attempt to keep up, television has attempted many changes in its layout to keep viewers interested. Netflix offers a service where television shows may be accessed on demand at any time, and news channels such as Sky News encourage viewers to ‘press the...

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