How Television Viewing Affects Children Essay

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How Television Viewing Affects Children (Rough Draft)
The Department of Education states that television is viewed an average of three to five hours per day by children. Too much television can have an everlasting affects on children, such as violent behavior, aggressive behavior, poor school performance, obesity, early sexual activities, and early drug and alcohol use. Television can affect children both physical and psychological (qtd. in Graham 1). Some argue that television does not affect children; it can be very educational
Christakis and Zimmerman of the Department of Pediatrics suggest that children age two to four years old are subjected to the risk of antisocial behavior by age seven to nine for boys but not for girls from watching excessive television , and that violent seen on television can cause aggressiveness in real life. By selecting other programs with less violent can promote prosocial behaviors in preschoolers.
Children need to be involved in activities that will motivate their brains. Such as things that will give them an opportunity to explore, move, manipulate, smell, touch, and learn. Sitting and viewing television everyday for hours without exercise can cause obesity, because most of the times the children are eating junk food while watching TV. Small children are not able to interpret what they see and the way they learn from what they see. If they see their favorite cartoon character committing violent they feel that it is okay to solve problems this way (31-33).
Dr. Jeanne Beckman, a licensed clinical psychologist gives statistics that every parent should have knowledge of. She suggest that by the time a child reach the age of twelve, he/she will have viewed over 8,000 murders on TV. She predicts that when children have become high risk, they are the ones that prefer to watch aggressive movies and videos. She also stated that children television program contains more than five times the violence than the prime time hour of TV. However, those children that watch excessive amount of TV are the one that will stay in trouble with the law when they are young adult and will be rated poorly among their peers and by their teachers.
Many researchers object to the ideal that television viewing affect children only in a negative way; television can have a positive effect on children too. They see television as a learning tool for many children. It can expand imagination, broader vocabulary, entertaining, and relaxing. There are many shows that help children improve their learning skills. For example, Sesame Street teaches children how to read and write, which is a great learning environment. Some other shows that are beneficial to kids are Bear in the Big Blue House, and Big Bag can be educational and promote prosocial behavior. It is...

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