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How Texting Can Affect Interaction Essay

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Every minute, millions of texts are being sent worldwide. Texting is a new way of communicating with one another and can be very useful, yet some people text more than they communicate in person. This could be useful for people who are shy or afraid of public places, except this wouldn’t develop their face to face skills. Many people communicate more openly through text rather than real life. This could affect relationships, communication skills and social interaction.

Texting more than communicating in person could not only slow down, but ruin relationships. Often what we say through a text message can be misinterpreted for something else. A good example of this would be sarcasm, as there isn’t a way to hear the sarcasm “voice hint” through text, and often sarcasm can be understood as someone being mean when in fact the person is just joking. Features that indicate whether the message has been seen or not ...view middle of the document...

Through text, it is very difficult or impossible to learn communication skills. When we text there is a lot more time to think of an answer. In face to face situations we need to learn how to properly react to an on-the-spot question, which can not be learned if only communicates through text. Changing topics in real life requires good communication skills. It may seem easier to pick a new topic through google, but when we’re talking to someone directly, we need to use our own google, the brain. A shy person will never communicate comfortably in real life if they only text. Awkwardness may be the main factor that drives shy people away from learning to communicate in person, but in fact it helps that person realize they will never be comfortable unless they put down the phone. Overall, communication skills are a must have for everyday life, but texting will not help a person learn how to properly communicate.

When people text more than they communicate face-to-face, their social interaction is at risk. When people interact socially, they often make use of eye contact. The closest to eye contact a person will ever get while texting is reading a message. Hand gestures are also really important in social interaction, because it helps describe an action or an event. Without knowing how to use hand gestures, a person could appear to be really weird just standing there talking. The most important thing you cannot learn when texting, is listening. Not being able to listen in social interaction, means you won’t be part of the conversation. There are many factors that are impossible to learn through text, yet they are essential for social interaction.

In essence, texting is a very useful meaning of communication, but can keep us from knowing how to interact with others.
There are many factors that are important to learn in both texting and face-to-face communication.
A mix of both texting and social interaction is way better than only texting. There are many shy people who test more openly than they communicate face-to-face and it could affect their relationships, communication skills and social interaction.

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