How The Events Of 14th Cent. Led To Renaissance

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The Renaissance age was a period characterized by a change toward a flowering economy; less religious society; appreciation of the arts; education; government; rebirth in man; and human emphasis on their uniqueness, capabilities, and achievements. All of the changes to Renaissance characteristics were stimulated by the Great Schism's, Hundred Years War's, and the Black Death's effect - population loss, nationalism, higher per capita, and secularism. Those effects - which in general created a secular society, and higher wealth - were the main fuel for the Renaissance movement. Secularism allowed people to do whatever they want, even beyond the boundaries of religious restraints. With the combination of higher wealth - due to population loss - and secularism, more leisure materials could be enjoyed, hence the rebirth with art appreciation. Religious teachings taught that modesty was a virtue, however, with secularism humans started to put religious virtues aside, and headed in the opposite direction. Their individualism, and personal achievements were valued and encouraged instead. Generally speaking, the effects of the three events in the fourteenth century sparked the fuse for the Renaissance.The first and foremost catalyst for the Renaissance was the Black Death. Begining in 1348, the disastrous plague's spread was facilitated by large scale commerce. Europe's population declined sharply from the plague. The large amount of the people killed caused a labor shortage. Fortunately for some, prosperous windows of opportunities were opened because of the shortage. There was a great demand for hands in the field. Peasants, aware of the labor situation, took advantage by demanded higher wages. Slavers were in business to help meet the labor demand. Population loss thus created higher per capita wealth for some, average peasant wages rose, and slaver's profits were enormous. In turn this higher wealth allowed some to have a more comfortable and leisure life style, setting the foreground for the Renaissance. In economic terms, the Black Death basically increased wealth among the people. Other area's of rebirth from the plague's effect came in the fields of education. The plague attacked people of all classes, however, the clergy was particularly effected. Since clergy members were the only ones who can read and write, people believed that this meant a loss in education. Supporters of education of course chartered for new universities for the loss, which in turn produced higher literacy rates among the people. Higher literacy allowed people to read and learn. The Latin classics were particularly interested among the people. The interest in Latin classics soon lead to humanism. The classics held values about human...

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