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How The Advertiser Presents The Product To The Consumer And Comparing The Adverts In Mercedes Benz And Chrysler Voyagers Ads

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How the Advertiser Presents the Product to the Consumer and Comparing the Adverts in Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler Voyagers Ads

I have chosen to compare two adverts on cars. They are for a
Mercedes-Benz and a Chrysler Voyager. I will be looking at all aspects
of my chosen adverts and comparing them to each other.

The advert for the Mercedes-Benz is very personal, and is constantly
putting the reader in the driver’s seat. It is laid out like a cinema
screen, and that comparison continues throughout the advert. The
picture is very passive and immediately places the reader at the
centre of the advert, and the whole layout is calming. In comparison,
in the Chrysler Voyager advert the attention of the reader is not
immediately drawn to the car. Instead, it is on the ride in the
background, which conveys excitement and adrenaline. The ride is very
unusual looking, and the use of light draws the eye to the advert.
Only after a closer look, does the reader notice the car in the
foreground. The Mercedes advert is laid out with a small section of
writing at the top and the rest of the text at the bottom below the
picture, whereas the Chrysler Voyager advert has a heading at the top
and then the picture dominates the advert with the rest of the text at
the bottom underneath it. The Chrysler advert is deliberately
presented to be exciting and eye catching but the Mercedes advert is

The language of the two adverts is very different. The language of the
Mercedes advert is soothing and very personalised. The section at the
top is written and laid out like a poem. It places the reader in the
centre immediately, with ‘with all the reassurance of a vacuum sealed
vault’. It suggests that the passenger is in the vault, and also
flatters, by saying that the passenger is precious enough to be in the
vault in the first place. It then reinforces that message by saying ‘I
sat back in my seat and watched the world outside’. It gives the
feeling that the reader is in the car. It also reinforces the feeling
of a cinema screen by saying ‘watched the world outside unfold upon
the screen as if it were a silent movie’. This makes the reader feel
important, and detached from the outside of the car. This is the
feeling that the writers want to convey, as it presents a positive
picture of what being in the car would feel like. This image that has
been presented, of the reader in the driver’s seat, is backed up by
the picture of the view, through the windscreen, from the driver’s
point of view. The language used in the top section is very flowing,
as the ride in the car would be, and it has been made smoother by use
of alliteration such as ‘watched the world’, and ‘unfold upon’.

The bottom section of text starts by saying ‘Picture the scene’. This
immediately makes the reader think of a scene in a movie,...

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