How The College Bubble Will Burst

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"Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today"(Richardson). One of the most amazing things people have dreamt to obtain is the “American Dream”. It is so profound in all the things it can symbolize. It is freedom, justice but most of all, it is the hope for a better way of life. The immigrants who made the long and dangerous voyage to America wanted their children to have experiences that they never got to experience, one of those things being to have an education. Education has been so important and cherished for many years now. Without it usually meant a mediocre job was imminent no matter how hard one works. Without it, the American Dream is not ever fully achieved. However, even though education has been held on such a high pedestal, something has happened to the current day society which is making this essential step that was stood by for so long almost unattainable. The college bubble is on the verge of popping, and if people wait any longer, there will not be much anyone can do to make education crucial in Americans everyday life in today’s society. It is essential that action be taken! A change must be made to make the children and the children’s children of the next couple generations to understand and to have engraved in them that education is important, no matter the price or any obstacle in the way. Consequently, it will be a tragedy if the generation that precedes this one does not show any difference, and they don’t exceed the current status quo.
This world is always changing. Some day’s people prosper not only spiritually but financially as well. Other times they do not. To help clarify what exactly a college bubble is, one needs to understand the concept of a bubble in political terms. A bubble is basically when someone raises the price of a product so high until it is way over its original value. This has happened to education recently and the consequences are inevitable. People will stop wanting such item, hence, making the bubble pop. However, there are many causes for the creation of bubbles, and alternatively, the popping of them. One example that causes bubbles are lack of money and the assistance of others. Throughout American history, there have been many recessions and depressions that have demonstrated that if people do not stand united, the aftermath of the disaster that has occurred will always have its toll on the society. Even the government steps in and helps the society receive the essential things such as jobs,...

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