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How The Cost For Education In A College Setting Rivals After High School Employment. The Question States "Is College Is Worth The Cost?".

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A college degree has become a must have in the current job market. With the high demand of educational success the hike of tuition has followed. Colleges across the United States have joined in and burned a hole in the student’s pockets. Cost of living, semester fees, and little help from financial aide are inflicting the average college student with years of debt that was otherwise unheard of 30 years ago.These hikes in tuition are causing more students to stay at home for a longer period of time. 30 years ago it was not unheard of for many 25 year olds to have a full time job, house, and family. Now the average person with such luxuries is in their 30s. An estimated seven thousand dollars keeps students from boarding at their university; causing students to live at home for a longer period of time, even past their mid twenties.The time it takes to get a college degree has increased which has caused the average cost of tuition to sky rocket. With the average student taking 6 years to obtain their degree from public colleges, which used to only be 4, and private schools taking 5.3 the added cost of tuition has had to add another 2 years of schooling. Although many students do receive some form of financial aide the rates for a college degree are still formidable. The average running cost for a student to start college and finish on graduation day is 115,000 dollars, but with financial aide it can be lowered to 85,000. Still, tuition has taken quite a leap from 30 years ago; where the average cost had been 12,000, nearly ten times the...

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