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How The Discoveries And Culture Of The Renaissance Have Directly Benefited You In Some Way

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The renaissance was a time of intellectual development, with a new focus on humanism, and an abandonment of the prevailing church ideals, with this newfound appreciation on human potential, and scientific discovery shaped the time, and belief structure. In addition, this was the time where one might encounter, one or several of these remarkable talented Renaissance individuals, which ranged from artisans, to scientists, sculptors, philosophers, painters, and poets. It would have been exciting seeing them bustling around in a day to day environment, I could only imagine, walking into the Vatican and viewing Michelangelo at work painting the Sistine chapel. The sheer scope of and ...view middle of the document...

Leonardo showed that a combination of science and art, could be combined to develop new technologies, and art, whether it be in new discoveries, or in sculptures, paintings or drawings. The longevity of the art and science and literature has influenced all our lives.
Interestingly the Renaissance period directly impacted, and influenced my career choice; it was not in the reproduction of great works of art, like religious paintings, self-portraits, or even sculptures, it was in the many new innovations , and original inventions that were designed in that age, like the printing press. The printing press permitted the society to mass produce books paperwork, brochures, leaf-lets, new papers, and religious materials, at a more reasonable and inexpensive price. This in turn brought the price down to make it more affordable to the overall population. This enabled the general population the opportunity to learn to read and write. It is extremely interesting to see how the renaissance period, still affects our society today. The printing press allowed me to open one of my first companies, which was a copier/ mail box facility, which specialized in the production of, business cards, leaf-lets, brochures, and a variety of other similar promotional products. In addition, the renaissance produced an abundance, of wealth, and a great quantity of magnificent breath taking artwork. The wild roads of life, led myself, into opening and operating a commercial sign business. There were many similarities between the renaissance art, and my commercial sign company. Michelangelo produced the renaissance art, like the sixteenth chapel that was visually captivating, In addition to the end product, the means I think we’re just as fascinating, standing on scaffolding 70 feet high, working nearly upside down was truly an amazing feat in itself. The use of such a variety of pigmentations and mixing of these pigments to produce such a diverse color scheme of colors was incredible, resulting in a product that was astonishing. The artisans artwork has touched, impressed, captivated, and inspired millions of people worldwide; it is intriguing to see the effects of the artwork on the masses. The sign business is a form of artwork, it is referred to as folk art, it is not adorned or admired by millions, like the renaissance art, however thousands of people, through the longevity of the signs, view them. The artwork by the artisans of the renaissance, have awed and inspired millions with their incredible talents. However, the signs that I produce also have had their impact on individuals, businesses and a variety of other entities. It is truly amazing how artwork, and or signs could have such an overall impact, and influence and effect on people. The signs do have a direct tremendous effect on businesses , they at times could have a course changing defining moment affect, between success and failure of an enterprise. One such story sums up the power of what a...

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