How The Expansion Of The Buddhist Religion Affected The Social Structures Of South East Asia Valley Stream North High School/ Pre Ap World History 9 Essay

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With the expansion of Buddhism in the Classical Era, social structures in Southeast Asia have changed significantly. One such structure was the caste system which became more out of practice as Buddhism became more developed and widespread.
  The Classical Age was a point in our history where many civilizations and religions changed along with the development of new religions. Hinduism, which had already existed before 600 B.C.E, was a religion where it was believed that its followers were the elites in society, developing a caste system. This system put people into three separate groups, Hindu priests on top, merchants and etc. in the middle, with slaves and the poor at the bottom. Hinduism was also a religion known for its exclusivity where they wouldn’t invite/allow new follower to join, instead choosing to minister only its members. Deriving from Hinduism came the religion of Buddhism with its own separate beliefs on social structures and membership. Buddhist followers believed that all men should be treated as equals and that all are welcome as followers. Buddhism was formed when the young prince Gautama decided to become a monk and thousands followed in his footsteps.
With the development of Buddhism social structures became affected by this change. In India...

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