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How The Hell Do I Look At The Doc I Want To Fake Doc

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From the introduction to plato by Richard kraut
1) The Peloponnesian war took place during Socrates life time and was won by the Spartans
2) Socrates’ major teaching was the apology and he influenced Plato through his teachings because he followed Socrates’.
3) He founded the school the academy
4) There is no specific meaning to justice and should be further searched into
5) Justice is too broad a topic to define
From the defense of Socrates
1) The least wise are the people who believe they are wise
2) Its not his fault that they follow him and he is outnumbered by the good forces
3) He says that Meletus has something to be gained by getting rid of Socrates while Socrates has nothing to gain.
4) He went to the oracle and believes that the gods gave him this task
5) Either you cease to exist or your soul transcends but he doesn’t think you should worry about it. I agree
6) He is supposed to keep the city from being complacent
7) Dine for free at prytaneum, 1 mina, go free
8) Death outran him but wickedness outruns others (the people who convicted him), most honorable way to silence others is by improving yourself
1) Look after his kids and not waste his wisdom by dying in a jail cell
2) He is old and he believes this is a better way to become a martyr. His friends will take care of his family
3) Athens cant make a man wise or unwise but it is purely chance.
4) Absolutely
From the republic by Plato
1) It is a port city where Socrates is partying at
2) Glaucon, Polemarchus, Cephalus, Thrasymachus and others were all young, well off man
3) Telling the truth and paying debts
4) Giving to each what is owed
5) The advantage of the stronger over the weaker
6) A physician takes care of patients and pilots search for the sailors interest.
7) He never found a satisfying answer for justice because he wanted to sample other schools of thought
8) He is the son Ariston and view of justice is a legally enforced compromise between doing injustice to others and having injustice done by others
9) He believes people are not greedyor envious, people sit in the grass, and drink out of gourds and this way they live at peace with themselves, live like a pig and no one will take from you. Perfect society has no wants
10) Absolutely
11) A standing army (auxiliaries)
12) Active full of energy, not aggressive to each other, must be mild and restrained with their own people but harsh to others
13) An...

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