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How The Impact On Architecture Modernised Newcastle

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In the 1950s Newcastle was known as a sleep city, Dan described it as “moribund” (1) decades had past and very little economic development had taken place between that time frame and families were left to suffer. In 1959, T. Dan Smith became Leader of Newcastle City Council, he set up his own independent planning department in the council and appointed Wilfred Burns as chief officer in 1960. They both wanted to re-modernise Newcastle for the better by undertaking new road plans to resolve the traffic congestion that plagued the city and breath new life into the city by clearing out the slum areas and rebuilding new homes to help improve peoples living conditions. One way Smith helped promote his grand scheme was through a series of models and held public gatherings to help fuel his passion to help change Newcastle, a method used by Richard Grainger who greatly strengthened Newcastle’s status as a regional capital. In order to achieve Grainger’s equivalent he set out to get renowned architects to develop the city, like Le Corbusier , Basil Spence, Leslie Martin, Robert Matthew and even Picasso to help reinforce his vision for the future “Brasilia of the North” (2). In this essay I will closely examine T. Dan Smith’s proposed plans for the new urban motorway system, that would help solve the traffic problem. Also the redevelopment of Eldon Sqaure that would come under scrutiny, but would later become a commercial success. I will also investigate the new Civic Centre that replaced the Old Town Hall and the intention from the local authorities to demolish the Royal Arcade and replace it with a roundabout.
The idea of increasing newcastle’s regional importance by elevating Newcastle’s status as a commercial retail centre was prohibited by the traffic problem. In order to achieve this a new plan would see the expansion and the redevelopment of Eldon Sqaure’s shopping centre. “As far as pedestrians are concerned, the plan is based on a new circulation pattern which will unify the old and the new parts of the centre. In the shopping centre, the plan proposes to lift the pedestrian on to a deck built over the whole redevelopment part of the shopping area so that it can be free from moving traffic which will be present ground level. Underneath this part of the shopping centre, and in a tunnel, will be part of the urban motorway system” (3) The proposals set out in 1961 and the 1963 plan was received with joys of approval. Professor Napper of architectural at Newcastle University wrote “Dobson and Grainger’s development will be revived because it will no longer be choked with traffic and the intelligent proposals for commerce and trade will promote greater efficiency whilst rescuing an environment fast disappearing under traffic chaos. For the first time in a hundred years the city is positive in it’s attitude to medieval buildings, and novocastrians will be able to enjoy seeing them as part of the continuing living tradition of a vigorous...

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