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How The Influence Of Others Can Change One's Beliefs

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When an infant is born it is born without knowledge or fear of the world. As they grow they start to develop their own beliefs based on the influence of other people. The same idea can be seen throughout history. The words and actions of other people have caused many great events. Memorable events almost always have a person, or many people that influenced them. People change their beliefs based on the way that other people have influenced them. Through others words and actions beliefs are constantly evolving. It can be seen throughout history that doubt causes people to change their beliefs, because new facts and ideas start to present themselves through people, and time.
Beliefs and influences are two very strong ideas. Beliefs are an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. They are created through experiences you have, causing you to accept or believe in something. Influences are the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself. These effects on a person are what causes them to change what they currently believe is to be true. They start to cause doubt within a person. The Enlightenment period held a great change in beliefs of the world, particularly Europe. Citizens of Europe began to doubt everything they had once believed in. During this time the views of government drastically changed. These evolutionary changes came about because millions of people were influenced by someone that caused them to doubt their personal beliefs.
King Henry VIII was once known as the defender of the faith. This was important to the people of England because many of them were very devout Catholics, as was he. Kings were a common influence on their people. It was not commonly heard of that a citizen would influence a King as much as one girl did to King Henry. Anne Boleyn was a young girl who caught the Kings eye. The King was willing to do anything to be with her. He was use to getting what he wanted, and she played with his heart to get what she wanted. The king was willing to divorce his Queen to be with Anne. This did not settle well with the people because they loved Queen Catherine. When the King asked for an annulment the pope denied him. Anne put thoughts in his head making him doubt and question that he was not as close to God as the Pope. Anne influence caused King Henry to changes his views on the Catholic Church. He now believed...

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