How The Internet Has Affected The Us Postal Service

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Is the Internet Hurting the US Postal Service, or Helping?

The United States Postal Service has been around since 1775. Over the years the United States Postal Service has grown and changed with America (USPS). In the Last 230 years the Postal service has evolved greatly. Mail has been delivered from foot to horseback, then to stagecoach. From stagecoach to railroad, and from railroad to Air. Now due to the advances in the internet, mail is being delivered by e-mail (Kamarck, Para 1). Many believe that the internet may very well be the down fall of the United States Postal Service.
Since 1970 the Unites States Postal Service has been self-sufficient. The Post Office generates its revenue from selling stamps and other postage, and the many other services that it offers (Nocera, Para 5). The only thing is that the Post Office is loosing money instead of making money. The internet began to have an effect almost as soon as Americans went online. Between 1998 and 2002 the pieces of first class mail dropped from 54.3 billion to 49 billion pieces. This has only continued to accelerate over the years. In 2004 the Postal Service delivered 48 billion pieces of first class mail and in 2008 they delivered 39 billion pieces. (Kamarck, Para 5). In 2005 the lost cost the Postal Service $20 Billion (Nocera, Para 2).
The dramatic reduction of first class mail is due to the internet moving personal and business correspondence from paper mail to e-mail (Kamarck, Para 3). E-mail makes sending mail quicker, people are able to send messages to someone in seconds instead of days (Demerica, Para 3). Also paying bills has mostly moved from paying by mail to paying online (Kamarck, Para 4). Also people are already paying for the internet, so why not use it as much as possible (Demerica, Para3).

In 2011 the US Postal Service reported that they would be closing more that 2000 of the money losing postal stations and branches ( (WP Opinions, Para 2). A few years ago the closed the Post Office at my town of Middleville ,NY. So now if we need the Post Office we have to drive four mile to get there instead of just walking down the street. I feel that The Postal Service did what any business would do when they start to lose money. When a business starts to lose money the first thing they are going to do is shut the doors on the facility that is loosing money....

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