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How The Journey Is Represented In An Image Of A Premature Baby Being Held In The Hands Of A Elderly Male.

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JourneyVisual RepresentationResponsesWith an artistic eye and skilful mind, the anonymous photographer has captured the essence and immensity of the physical human journey. The first moments of life is contrasted to the last in this black and white shot. The picture shows just how much one can change throughout their life, making it hard to believe that the hand we see holding the baby was once a baby...or that the baby we see will one day have hands like's both scary and fascinating. The concept of physical journey is that in whatever context, it is inevitable.Nothing, in its entirety, can ever stay the same, physically and mentally. Everything is on a journey. Time itself is the catalyst for this journey and for the changes that will result, as this picture so delicately portrays.Since this is an image, there are no language devices used as such. Visual techniques, however, include the use of tone and soft texture, how the light seems to come from the angle of the photographer. The calming effect may be a result of the serene sleep the small baby is engaged in, and the expression on its visage. It's almost God like, the security the child has in these massive arms and hands, protecting it from all worldly dangers. The absence of objects in the background is used to emphasise the dramatic approach to the picture. The background consists of tonal whites and greys, to show that nothing at this moment in time really matters. Just enjoy the beauty of nature, the mystery of life, and the magnificence of creation in this sublime representation.Looking at this picture has revived my ideas about time, and how little we have until we are at the age to regret not making the most of our lives. Again, like many things, I can relate this picture, or the thoughts that it makes me heed to my beliefs and religion. Our physical existence, a short lifespan of, say, 80 years - is so short, not even to be compared to the blink of an eye next to the 'life' after this one.We are given this life, as a practice ground, no - as our major exam, for the next world. This physical world often fools us that we are but physical beings. I believe we are but spiritual beings, living a physical existence.Basically, we have a very short time on this earth to do the things we want and must do. By that I don't mean tasting every drink there is or doing the...

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