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How The Korean War Affected Many Countries Around The World History Research Paper

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The Korean war, fighting communism, and crossing the 38th parallel
The Korean War was a bloody war between North and South Korea but had lots of impact on other countries around the world. North Korea was backed by the communist Soviets and South Korea by the U.S. , The communist were U.S.’s main enemies at the time of the war. After World War II tensions were hot between the U.S. And Russia, after being allies in the war they turned on each other because the U.S. supported democracy but Soviet Russia wanted the world to follow their ways of communism, a form of government that is oppressive and historically unpopular among the citizens of the countries that use this form of government. The korean war ended up being short and bloody with the U.S., Russia, and China, Three major world powers fighting where troops would say is the worst place for a war (the Korean peninsula). The war was escalated to a new level after the U.S. drove the north out of the south achieving their main goal of the war, but then decided to invade North Korea with the hopes of freeing them from communism. The Korean war and crossing the 38th parallel greatly affected the cold war and the fight against communism.
The korean war started in 1950 when North Korea launched an attack on South Korea. The North Koreans attacked after the U.S. declared South Korea would not be apart of the U.S.’s defense perimeter ‘' The United States virtually invited the Soviet-inspired North Korean attack on South Korea by publicly declaring the exclusion of South Korea from America's defense perimeter.’’(park). The U.S. not defending South Korea left them vulnerable for an attack, and with permission and backing from russia they did attack “The soviet union was not only aware of North Korea's intention to invade the south but, also provided the wherewithal to carry it out.”(warner). The U.S. intervened because with North Korea invading South Korea that also meant bringing communism to South Korea, since Russia and communism was the U.S.’s main enemies at the time they could not stand for this also they viewed this attack as soviet aggressiveness and feared they could attack somewhere else and potentially start another world war.
The decision to enter the war as the U.N. was being decided by the U.N. security council. The U.N. deliberated and they came up with resolution thirty eight that stated they recommend fellow countries give military assistance to south korea but the U.S. entered it indefinitely when the sent troops to the taiwan straits. When U.S troops arrived in North Korea they had a policy of containment. Their goal was to drive North Korea out of South Korea freeing them from communism. The U.S. fought many battles in the south like the battle of the Pusan perimeter and the battle Inchon slowly gaining land back from North Korea. The U.S. drove North Korea back to the 38th parallel (the border between North Korea and South Korea) in late 1950.
The U.S. forces stalled at...

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