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How The Law Of Simplicity Affects Technology

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The contemporary key design is based on simplicity; the meaning of this is how technology, art, designs and power affect the audiences? How does technology be reliable and what makes it easier to communicate with it? How does the technology evolve with more features and yet at the same time being simplistic?
John Maeda is a Japanese-American graphic designer, computer scientist and the president, Rhode School of Design. His activity is in design, technology, art and power explores how does each sector relates, combine others and makes that form into simplicity. Within those four core theme Maeda’s analysis is to keep much simple, it helps the consumers to understand with less complex but the complexity will always stay intact. In other meaning for e.g. products will never be perfection, as it continues to grow and improve the features, this category falls into technology and furthermore it will be described how it affects society.
(Maeda, Ted, 2012)

The explanation about this chart is how Apple technology was used, what is the design reflection that has been improved over the timeline. In 1980-1982 the original Apple computer, has visual text with integrated keyboard, although it is significantly slow as comparing todays computers. In 1983-1984 Apple have announced another computer with visual and text in user interface, it has more become more visual than texting itself, it is more manageable and less difficult for the user to interact. Four years ahead of time the sound has been integrated into the system, which allows users to listen 8-bit sound itself or a long with 2D animation images. As the future goes by the computer technology has been upgraded and has more components hardware in order to run efficient and smooth, furthermore in 2008 smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It operates Apple IOS mobile operating system, the device is structured with built touch screen, allows the users to click an icon, call, text and listening to music. As seeing on the picture, the computing has the same loop, developing the text, image, sound and video, then repeating the process again which is the inevitable.
Design has a relation between a form and content which Maeda believes, content remains the same but the visual text can be modified, gives an outcome what the audience believe and the emotion that surrounds them.

Figure 2
Figure 1 Figure 3

With three ‘Fear’ the font’s stands out and categorized which theme they belong, first left on picture does not stand out much as it is fearless, no one seems to pay any attention, small words and less attracted. The second is huge size font which leads the audience insecure and panic for audience reaction. Last image has sort of a funk text, it is the opposite of a fearful and this could represent a nightclub for attraction.
Art is a visual...

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