How The Liturgical Year Is Significant

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There are many components to the liturgical year which make it very complex. Some of these components include special seasons, feasts, symbols, and colours which have to be attended to. The following paragraphs will discuss these ideas with more detail.
Initially, there are many seasons in the liturgical year that all have an important significance attached with them (“Liturgical Calendar”, These seasons are Advent, Christmas, Ordinary Time, Lent, Triduum, and Easter (“Liturgical Calendar”,
The Advent season has a very important significance (“Advent and Christmas”, Advent is significant because Catholics are preparing themselves and their hearts for the coming of Jesus Christ (“Advent and Christmas”, Advent is also significant because it is a season that marks the beginning of a new liturgical year (“Advent and Christmas”, This season is intended to prepare people for the Christmas season that is coming (“Advent and Christmas”,
The season of Advent begins approximately four weeks before Christmas and ends on the feast of Christmas, which officially begins the Christmas season (Zanzig & Allaire 254).
The Christmas season also bears a very important meaning (“Christmas”, It is the season that begins with the celebration of Jesus’ birth (“Christmas”, During the Christmas season, many of the other events that occurred around this time are also celebrated. For example, another event that is celebrated around this time is when the angel appeared to the shepherds and told them that there is a newborn king to visit (“Christian Holy Days, Holidays, and Seasons”,
The season of Christmas begins on Christmas Day and ends with the feast of the Baptism of the Lord (Zanzig & Allaire 254).
The next season is Ordinary Time (“What you need to know about Ordinary Time” This season is noteworthy because it is the season when one can deeply and fully celebrate the real mystery of our Lord Jesus Christ (“What you need to know about Ordinary Time” Ordinary Time is not at all ordinary, rather “ordinary” actually refers to “ordered” (“What you need to know about Ordinary Time” So, Ordinary Time may also be referred to as “Ordered Time” (“What you need to know about Ordinary Time” During Ordinary Time, Christians should make an attempt to deepen their spiritual faith as well as bringing their lives closer to God (“What you need to know about Ordinary Time”
The season of Ordinary Time is broken up into two sections (Zanzig & Allaire 259). The first section begins at the end of the Christmas season and ends on the day before Lent starts (Zanzig & Allaire 259). The second chunk begins after the Easter...

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