How The Makers Of Shrek Subvert The Usual Conventions Of A Fairytale Using Presentational Devices

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How the Makers of Shrek Subvert the Usual Conventions of a Fairytale Using Presentational Devices

In this essay I am going to discuss how the makers of Shrek overturned
the expected characteristics of a fairytale. They do this by using
presentational devices such as lighting, music, camera angles and
visual effect. In my opinion if the film did not use these
presentational devices the way they did, it would not be as successful
and people would see it in a totally different way.

The producers of Shrek took conventional well-known fairytale
characters and changed them to make them humorous, for example the
three little pigs were given stereotypical homosexual voices. Other
characters in the film were Tinkerbell, Little Red Riding Hood, The
Three Bears and many more. They also added and changed well known
phrases from fairytale films. For example the Three Little Pigs don't
say, " He huffed and he puffed and blew the house down" they say, "He
huffed and he puffed and signed the eviction notice" When they do this
I think it adds a lot of humourto the film. With the phrases they
don't change they put them into a different context. For example when
Donkey is trying to get out of trouble he says "oh! What big eyes you
have" and so on, which is from Little Red Riding Hood. When Donkey is
complementing Dragon she starts to fall for his charm, and their
relationship grows stronger throughout the film. We see this when
Donkey needs to help Shrek and he whistles for Dragon and she is there
willing to help. Also on the special features at the end of the film
they sing together looking at each other lovingly. I think it is very
humorous and Dragon turns into someone special for Donkey, as at the
beginning of the film neither Shrek nor Donkey have anybody unique for
them, until Shrek falls in love with Fiona.

I will now talk about how factors from the conventional fairytale is
used and changed in the film. From knowing how the conventional
fairytale goes Shrek knows he will find Princess Fiona in the "Highest
room in the tallest tower" However Shrek is not a conventional hero.
We see this when Shrek finds the princess and is supposed to wake her
with a kiss, however Shrek shakes her franticly. We all know you are
supposed to slay the dragon before you save the princess, whereas
Shrek doesn't even do that. This is when Princess Fiona knows
something is wrong and says, "This isn't right" and she later says,
"Should it not be a wonderful, romantic moment?" At this point in the
film we think Princess Fiona is a conventional princess and wants it
to go the way she has planned for many years.

Later on in the film we find out that Princess Fiona is not the
conventional princess we thought she was. As she was bad mannered,
fought Robin Hoods merry men and ate rats, which makes her very

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