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Downfall Of Successful Men Essay

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All creatures, whether man or animal, have their own particular positions in society. There is always an alpha dog (Kendal, 2013, p.281). And of course, there are always subordinates. Position in society depends on many different factors, but class, gender, race and education are the major considerations (Kendal, 2013, p.218). Everyone knows their place, they are taught what it is from the time that they are born. Life chances are already set by the person's sex and race, but higher education can turn the tide. An individual's choices make the difference in social mobility, whether upward or downward.
The first subject was named John S. . He was the child of unwed teenagers who gave him up at birth. He was a white male with blue eyes and a German-American background. He was adopted by a white couple of English descent who also had another adopted child, a daughter, also white. He went to a Catholic private school and a Catholic college. After graduating with a B.S. in business, he went to work for a small chemical company run by devout people who did not smoke or drink. His wife was also a college graduate, and together they had a daughter. One night after work, he went with his clients to play golf and he drank heavily. He decided to drive home despite his inebriation, and hit and killed a pedestrian. He was arrested that night in front of his wife and child and taken to jail. After months of deliberation and a trial, he was sentenced to five years in the state penitentiary. At the present time, John S. now sells outdoor home improvements like fire pits and hot tubs. He makes only a small fraction of his former salary. He wears an ankle bracelet and must adhere to the strict schedule of the probation officers. He cannot go out at night, and on weekends he must be inside his house by 4 P.M. . He cannot drive. His marriage suffered terribly while he was in prison, his daughter grew up without his support. When he finally came home, he felt like a stranger, he did not know where anything was in his own house. He accused her of deliberately re-arranging things. He felt betrayed and alone.
The second subject, Harris R. R. was the product of divorce. His parents separated when he was very young, around 10 years old. His father was comfortable, but his mother struggled with two young children while attempting to finish college. He told stories of having to drink powdered milk until he was twelve, fresh milk was too expensive. His mother earned less than 80 percent of her male counterparts (Fitzpatrick, 2010). They ate spaghetti sauce and noodles as meals and often went to the food bank. Nevertheless, he stayed in school and apprenticed as an electrician. He married and had a family, a girl and a boy, and bought a big house in the suburbs. On her way home from work, his wife was hit head-on by another car and she was admitted to the hospital with a broken back. For the enormous pain, she was...

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