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How The Nco Runs Recon Essay

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Standard operation procedures of a reconnaissance platoon a good example of decentralized leadership. When a reconnaissance platoon is ran the right way it is one of the most effective force multipliers on the battlefield with little to no input above the team level. A reconnaissance team is the only unit that can operate outside the wire without the presence of an officer. The best reconnaissance platoons I have seen were ran by the team leaders. Reconnaissance operators promote faster than most military occupational specialties, but with this quickly comes increased at a young age.
By doctrine a reconnaissance platoon operates independently in three teams of six with the headquarters unit in the Reconnaissance Operations Center. The only time that the teams will have an officer with them is if they are doing platoon operations, which typically consists of the headquarters element and one of the teams patrolling straight towards the objective and the other two teams conducting a satellite patrol in support of the first element. Your typical reconnaissance team is made up of a team leader, assistant team leader, receiver transmitter operator, assistant receiver transmitter operator, point man, and slack man.
The most effective platoons are the one that are ran almost completely by the team leaders and assistant team leaders. A team leader is usually a sergeant or staff sergeant. A team leader needs full control as they are the work force for any platoon tasks. As a corporal or sergeant you can expect to have a lot of responsibility as well, the receiver transmitter operator and the point man are generally a sergeant. The receiver transmitter operator is held completely accountable for all communication equipment and keeping constant communication with the Recon Operations Center, air, and all adjacent units. The point man is responsible for knowing where adjacent are located and planning the route accordingly, as well as making a fire plan. The assistant team leader is usually a sergeant as well and has complete authority authority over his element and is...

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