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How The Oceans Were Created Essay

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A long time ago, much before mortals walked the earth, there were the Gods. Although this

tale refers to one in particular, Poseidon. He was the youngest of three brothers, there was

Zeus, the oldest, and then Hades, and Poseidon. Zeus was the God of the sky, Hades, the

underworld, and Poseidon, the God of rain. But one day, Poseidon realized that he had

much less than his older brothers. He was a God too, after all, he was capable of more.

So he went on a great journey, and came to consult the great Goddess of the earth, Gaia.

After much discussion, she decided to give Poseidon what he wished, But not without a

price. “Poseidon. Your request is reasonable.” Gaia explained, Poseidon kneeling at the


“But first, you must prove you are worthy of bearing more than you have.”

“As you wish.” Poseidon replied..

“You must complete three tasks to prove yourself worthy. First, you must bring something,

anything, from the underworld.”

Off Poseidon went. With great agility and patience, Poseidon ventured to the Underworld,

he passed the guards, and found what he had been seeking: A hellhound. He fought a

vicious battle with the monster, but in the end he was victorious, and brought the head of

the mighty beast to Gaia.

“I am quite impressed. You have completed the first task, Poseidon.”

“Thank you, Lady Gaia.”

“Your second task is to create something to live in your domain, and create a name for it.”

Poseidon went off, and he studied the many animals that walked the Earth, adding details to

his creation as he went. Once he felt he had explored enough of the creatures, he created

his own, just as Gaia had requested. Poseidon had made an animal with scales,

comparable to those of a lizard. It had a rounded face, and no legs. There were slots in its

throat, and in the place of feet, there were fins.

“Ah, this certainly looks.. Interesting.” Gaia exclaimed. “Please, explain your creature to me,


“I have given it fins so it shall dance through the water, and the ability to breathe underwater

as well.” Poseidon explained with triumph in his tone.

“Ah, yes, Wonderful. You have completed your second task. Now, take great caution, the

final task will be the most difficult, you may not come out alive. Are you certain?”

“Yes, Lady Gaia.” Poseidon replied without hesitation.

“You have heard of the Gorgon, Medusa, correct?” She asked.

“Yes, of course, Lady Gaia. She was slain by Perseus.”

“Yes, that’s right. My third and final task for you is to bring me her head.”

At that, Poseidon became shocked. The head of Medusa was now in Athena’s possession.

She travelled often, so he couldn’t be sure of her location. He would simply have to roam

around until they met, he supposed.

He had been looking for longer than he could remember, when he came to a great city, the

likes of nothing he had ever seen before. The buildings were made from sleek marble, with

pillars used for supports. It was simply...

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