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How The Pillars Of Islam Relate To The Principle Beliefs Knox Grammar Essay

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The principle beliefs are the center of the Hajj and Sawm. The five pillars reflect the core beliefs as stated in the Quran. These beliefs, also known as the principle beliefs are inextricably linked to the five pillars, particularly the Hajj and Sawm. By examining the principle belief of Allah and the day of judgement in these two pillars, one may gain a greater understanding of the how and why adherents practise their faith.

The Hajj is a spiritual journey to mecca, in which every muslim must partake in their lives. The hajj is inextricably linked to the principle belief in Allah. The principle belief of Allah relates to fully believing he exists and is the divine creator. This article of faith is evident in the Hajj when adherents participate in Tawaaf when they recite prayers in the name of Allah while circumambulating the Kaaba 7 times, they are not only verbally praying while doing this they are also physically praying as it says in the quran “All compliments, all physical prayer and all monetary worship are for Allah.”

The Hajj is connected to the principle belief of the day of judgement. Every muslim must travel to Mecca unless they physically can’t or if it will inflict hardship upon their family, If they do not partake the Hajj they will have sinned and they will not be looked fondly upon on the day of judgement. By participating in the Hajj it shows the adherents devotion to Allah and if an adherent can partake but doesn’t, he will know as reflected in the quote “Do not these think that they shall be raised again, for a mighty day, the day on which men shall stand before the Lord of the world's and if they not have partaken in Hajj they will suffer accordingly (83:4-6)”
This quote shows the principle belief of the day of judgement and that muslims will stand before Allah and be judged by the lives they had...

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