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How The Popularity Of Personal Televisions Affected Filmmaking

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The invention of television affected filmmaking in America financially by a great decrease in audience attendance due to movie goers choosing to watch TV in their own home. Amid the 1950’s, specific elements were employed by the film industry to bring the audience back to the movie theater such as film innovations, marketing gimmicks and adult-themed movies. In order to compete with television, the production code changed as film studios began releasing films to theaters that would show films that were not approved by the Production Code Administration (PCA). American cultural and social tensions were reflected in films of this time as risqué topics were being more openly discussed ...view middle of the document...

Since these novelty gimmicks were fads, they wore off quickly and did not have enough allure to sustain the number of audience members needed to keep the film industry financially stable. If the film industry were to survive, they would be compelled to provide exclusive content unavailable to television in order to compete with the medium.
At a time where censorship was strictly enforced when deciding the type of films and content to be shown to the public by Hollywood cinemas’ production code, television’s guidelines for programming also had to be suitable for audiences of all ages. “In order to compete with television, studios needed to present material that could not be found on the small screen” (Lewis, 2008, p.234). Film studios came up with the idea of showing films that were adult-themed. Movies with sexual content, controversial topics and/or profanity were considered adult-themed. Upon disapproval from the PCA, United Artists released “The Moon is Blue” (1953) (Lewis 2008, p.239) to theaters willing to screen films...

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