How The Queen Of Hearts Revitalized Royalty And The World

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How the Queen of Hearts Revitalized Royalty and the World
Growing up in 1960s, Diana Spencer always knew royalty. This idea of power was a birth right through her father, but yet Diana did not know of the influence she was going to inflict one day. Princess Diana, through her marriage with Prince Charles, became an icon for the United Kingdom and impacted many in the world (Princess Diana Biography Princess). Along with her compassionate heart and humble soul, Diana ascended in the eyes of the public and became England’s sweetheart and beloved leader. Princess Diana soon inspired people all over the world by breaking the royal stereotypes, sponsoring many charities and providing a prime example of what it means to love one’s children and people.
When one thinks of becoming a princess or even royalty, the idea of the magical childhood, fantasy wedding and perfect marriage, seems to accompany the indication of a royal, but yet this was not the case for Diana. Ever since she was eight, her parents had been divorced and little Diana just “longed for the love of a united home” (Wright). Her school grades were not up to par, “an academically below-average student” (Princess Diana Biography Biography) and her family life was in shackles, so later becoming a princess and huge icon was such a powerful message for those with rough starts; this was not the first stereotype she would break. From straightforwardly addressing tough, international medical issues to her torn personal life, the people sympathized with her, because she was such real, true and honest princess. When Diana entered into the public view by her marriage to Charles, her life appeared to be perfect especially when followed by two, healthy sons, William and Harry, but that was quite the opposite. Diana was following in the footsteps of her parents when she felt trapped in an unhappy marriage. (Whitaker) Instead of putting up a front to uphold the royal image, she broke the barrier by sharing her struggles with an interview with Panorama without permission from Charles or the queen. Even though, this story was a shock to her followers, they supported her through it all. This is when Diana saw her future to really change the world, and she now realized that she did not have to be a princess to do so.
In the beginning of her marriage, Diana accompanied Charles and the royal family in political showcases, but through her travels, she developed a passion for the giving a voice to the voiceless. She had a huge heart for children, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) victims, landmine victims and the drug/alcohol abusers. By the tail end of her marriage and start of her new, single life as an ambassador, Diana sponsored over one-hundred and twenty charities. She was constantly giving up her time and resources in order to better these organizations. Diana’s legacy mainly includes her battle to fight AIDS. She wanted to remove the false idea that AIDS was spread by physical contact,...

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