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How The Red Scare Influence Arthur Miller's Book On The Salem Witch Trial

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Arthur Miller's “The Crucible” is based on the true events that happened in America at the time of the settlers, but was he influenced to write this story by the Red Scare of his era? During this time period americans feared for their life. The government was in panic just like the salem witch trials and, Miller was one of the many authors and artists that was attacked for his action during this period. WWII was a major factor in this paranoia and fear.

The first major cause of the Red Scare and the fear of communism was WWII. Communism was not a big problem during the war considering that “During the war the United States sent more than $11 billion in aid to the soviet.”(Fitzgerald 27). ...view middle of the document...

”(Murray 223-224). And because the government put out the wartime act which limited most of your free speech few people decided to defy this temporary law with the fear a getting arrested or fined. Most of the people that were affected by this is writers, newspapers, and movies because they could not talk bad about the government and had to make it look like they were doing the right thing to protect us in the was and slander the other county.

The war itself was not enough to put fear into the people. “In February 1950, a husky United states senator from Wisconsin named McCarthy set out on a speaking tour that would take him across the country”(Fitzgerald 8) this man would become one of the greatest contributions to the the mass hysteria that was spread across the nation with his fear speeches claiming “During his speech, McCarthy warned that Americans were losing the power struggle against the soviet.”(Fitzgerald 10). McCarthy rose in congress to a point where no one would try and stop his attacks on other members of the government.“I have here in my hand a list of 205 [men] that were known to the secretary of state as being a members of the Communist party and who, nevertheless, are still working and...

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