How The Right Data Can Improve Casino Marketing Campaigns

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How the Right Data Can Improve Casino Marketing Campaigns
Many organizations, including casinos are facing a challenge about how to acquire, enhance, store and manage marketing and operational data. How to collect these data isn’t a problem anymore; it’s converting data into some useful information that finally determines marketing success.
The gaming industry has been changed a lot over the last few years. So for those markers who working in this industry, it is important that they should evolve with the changes. A recent survey from the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) indicated that 77% of casino marketers said advancements in the last 10 to 15 years have dramatically changed the way they interact their customers. Furthermore, a full 95% of the same respondents believe casino marketing programs will undergo “much more” (68%) or “somewhat more” (27%) change and development during the next 10 to 15 years compared the previous decade (V12 Group, 2012).
Those changes include a shift from traditional channels to more digital marketing communications and having a far better understanding of player behaviors. The traditional casino marketing channels like direct mail, print ads, and billboards can still be very effective, but the arise of social media and online gaming are forcing marketers to re-evaluate their business.
Today’s reality in casino marketing involves shorter player attention, interacting with customers on Facebook and Twitter, emailing players and having mobile apps accessible to customers. None of these is possible without data analysis.

Casino marketers use player databases to enhance their business, such as their relationships with players, sales and marketing activities. So, an efficiently run data management environment will help you have a good understanding of these data.
However, there are many risk of poor data management.
When casinos don’t invest their time and money into data management, the consequences can be very bad. Here are the most common repercussions according to V12 Group (2012):
• Inability to perform in-depth analysis.
High-level data such as ADT (Average Daily Traffic) and total visits are usually available but a lot of detailed information isn’t. The casino marketers should not only get the basic data, more importantly, they should convert these data into some useful information to get a good understanding of player behaviors.
• Errors in customer correspondence.
If the information and data about a certain player is inaccurate or incomplete, the consequence can be very bad. He/she could get some contacts or marketing materials that didn’t fit him/her which would lead a potential customer loss.
• Difficulty producing integrated reports.
Reports indicate lots of operational information (e.g., hotel registration, food and beverage, occupancy rate and net revenues). If a casino has a poor data...

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