How The Rise Of The Church Impacted Medieval Society

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The rise of the church had a great impact in medieval society. The great belief of Christianity began with Jesus of Nazareth who presented public preaching’s of a friendly and forgiving God as he claimed he was the Messiah. According to Jesus, god’s command was for all human kind to love, cherish, and focus their lives to the Lord. The love that was expected for humans to have for God was to adore him with all of their hearts, minds, and souls. He also preached to the early people of how one should love one another. A friendly and forgiving God would later attract many sacredly inspired communities to worship him. People of the medieval world placed great belief in Christianity causing the ...view middle of the document...

Even though there may have been good popes that only wanted to provide good, there was also bad popes who were more interested in power rather than Christianity itself. Corrupt leaders, including popes, used the rise of the church to gain power. “Power-hungry popes, aided by the Holy Inquisition, enriching themselves by exacting tithes from impoverished peasants and extorting indulgence money from misguided believers” (Van Liere). The rise of Christianity lead the rise of the church to create an impact on government.
Family was also impacted by the rise of the church in many aspects during medieval times. Marriage and sex was not considered to be done for fun or pleasure. Christianity changed the minds of many people when it came to marriage, sex, and divorce. Before Christianity, people could only have sex when it meant they were doing it with the intent of reproducing and extending the family. It was also always allowed to have a divorce in Ancient Hebrew. Both parties, the wife and husband, were permitted to get divorced if the husband was not satisfied with the relationship and they were both able to get remarried. After Christianity, sex within the marriage was more accepted as a form of proving love to each other’s spouse. Jesus believed that one should be allowed to have a healthy sexual relationship as long as it was with the person they married. As for divorce, in Christianity it was not as acceptable as it was in Ancient Hebrew. Divorce was only to be done as the last resort and Jesus had a great dislike for remarriage. The only exception that may have been considered was adultery but even then Jesus would still not like that one would get divorced or remarried. Although according to Christianity, Jesus was against divorce or remarriage it was still considered and not completely forbidden. Once man and wife consummated and the wife was pregnant, Christianity had an impact in that as well....

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