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How The Super Bowl Affects Society

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Over the past twenty years, many things have changed and evolved to impact our economy. From cell phones to music to media, we are all constantly affected. The most influential aspect though, in my opinion, has been America’s biggest game, the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl by all means effects our economies in every way, shape, and form. The sport is one of the most complex social institutions in American Society. Sports effect major institutions of society, including: the mass media, politics, religion, education, and family. The Super Bowl gathers thousands of viewer’s attentions including those who do not usually watch the regular season games.
Football is by all means an American sport. Since the day a baby is born in America whether it be a boy or a girl, one of the first words they learn to say is ball, and after a few months they add the word foot in front of the word ball, and by the time you know it your baby boy is playing football, and your little girl is cheering “Go Steeler’s go!” and without intention their cultural identity starts. As far back as I can remember, every year, uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends would gather at my family’s home to watch this event called theSuper Bowl. It was something that could not be missed, because if you did you were considered a lost cause.
Everyone feels the need to belong. Some people find the answer to fulfill that need in sports. In the United States, the go-to sport is football. Following one’s hometown team or childhood NFL team through the regular season, playoffs, and hopefully, the Super Bowl has become a staple for today’s culture. Whether or not their favorite team makes it to the big Super Bowl game, they still find themselves cheering on one of the teams competing. This is even the case for non-football fans. Many people, who do not regularly tend to watch NFL football, find themselves watching the one big game every year on Sunday. Psychologist Thomas Joiner! and fellow researchers investigated whether perceived membership within a valued group for example, a sports team, meets their need to belong. Filling their need to belong can negate suicidal tendencies. They found that indeed, fewer suicides occurred on Super Bowl Sundays than during non-Super Bowl Sundays (Stradbrooke). Between the atmosphere of the game, and the fellowship and acceptance of other fans, everyone is bound to forget their personal and professional problems and escape to the biggest nationwide broadcast.
For some though, the feeling of belonging can be overwhelming. Some people find themselves so into the game that lose sense of reality. Research shows that cardiac deaths can jump from15% in the hometown of the losing team within days after the big game ("Super Bowl Stress can Trigger Health Issues"). However, when the home team wins, heart-related deaths fall. This is all due to our society putting such a large emphasis and importance on the game.
Spousal abuse is also at an all-time high in the town of the...

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