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How The Television Entices Me To Break The Ten Commandments

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The First Commandment. The first commandment is Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
In many movies and TV shows the protagonist or main characters are atheists. They make remarks such as "There is no God", and the writers try to convince viewers that these characters are correct because these characters wiggle their way out of every situation they find themselves in and they're regularly correct in their theories or ideas. These characters are the "cool guys", so they want viewers to believe them. They make the characters who believe in God look foolish. When I watch a movie or TV show that expresses this view I'm tempted to buy into it. In my sinful nature I want to believe God ...view middle of the document...

Well this is a tricky one. There are times when I see pictures or images of "Jesus" on TV (think of Evan Almighty). When I see these pictures I think of that picture as representing Jesus and God in my mind. Because TV is images, and many things are made known to me through sight and images, the TV can tempt me to make an image of Jesus or God. I may believe that an image may help me to understand God better. The TV entices me to break the second commandment because I enjoy images produced through the TV, so I can be tempted to make an image of God, though a false image which, is a violation of this commandment.
The Third Commandment.
The third commandment is Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.
The most commonly known way to break this commandment is when someone uses Jesus' name as a swear word. On TV Jesus' name is commonly used as a swear word and so when I watch TV I may be tempted to release Jesus' name as a swear word when I injure myself. However this is only one way the TV tempts me to break this commandment. Whenever I treat God's name with a carelessness or insincerity I break this commandment. The TV and other forms of electronic entertainment can distract my thoughts when listening to a sermon, reading the Bible, or engaging in prayer. The TV entices me to break the second commandment by tempting me to treat God as less worth than the TV when the center of my thoughts is a source of leisure and entertainment. This commandment is concerned with the proper inward attitude of worship, and so the TV and other entertainment can tempt me to direct my inward attention to it instead of God and his word.
The Fourth Commandment. The fourth...

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