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How The United States Must Handle China And Its Military In The 21st Century

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There is a delicate balancing act a country must be aware of when it is a military superpower. A superpower must exercise extreme care to protect their economic superiority, advance their foreign policies, and project their military might all while working to advance the global system. Enticing China to become a responsible pillar of the global system will be one of the greatest challenges of coming decades for the United States and the Western world-particularly since it appears for the moment China is uninterested in playing such a role. This is the unique situation the United States and China find themselves in, with so many mutual interests, and as the global economy begins to slow, challenges such as: China’s increase in military spending and foreign tension which is rising throughout the Pacific region, highlight the importance of the U.S./China political and military cooperation. However, China’s economic agreements with neighboring countries, the U.S. and Chinese trade deficit, Chinese foreign policies and military growth, and current U.S. Presidential relations with Beijing all play a decisive role in shaping these two military superpowers.
China’s continued refusal to contribute positively to international trade negotiations and constant challenge to their current World Trade Organization (WTO) status places these agencies in a serious state of jeopardy. China is also hurting the global trading system by supporting the creation of a loose but potent Asian trading block. China has difficulties in accepting the terms of membership into organizations which already exist such as the WTO and International Monetary Fund (IMF). They’ve continually challenged the WTO’s rules by exploiting loopholes and the lack of regulation in order to energize their growing economy. China seeks to create its own network where it can dictate the rules of the game. According to Bergsten, “unless China is careful such a regional grouping would almost certainly trigger a sharp backlash from the U.S. and EU, as well as from numerous developing countries, who view this as discrimination against them.” The test for the U.S. is how to deal with this matter while still fostering positive relations with its Chinese’s trading partner. The National Security Strategy released by the White House states, “We welcome a China that takes on a responsible leadership role in working with the United States and the international community to advance priorities like economic recovery.“ My concern is whether this is a goal shared by China due to their numerous interactions with other nations in the region. When it comes to the global economy, this much is true: 2009 was China’s year. In the first decade of the 21st century, China established itself as the world’s workshop. The next decade (if things go right) could see China emerge as the world’s leading exporter of capital and military muscle. China (not including Hong Kong) has become the largest trading...

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