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Conditions on a slave ship:Slave ships were definitely not a fun place! Majority of the slaves would prefer death rather than attempting to survive a 2 month voyage in putrid conditions. The slaves were packed into a small, dark space called the slave deck. It was around 4 feet high and built just below the main deck. Their quarters were so hot and humid that the floors of their rooms were covered in mould during most of the voyage. The cramped waiting, tossing in the waves, in suffocating, fetid darkness possibly with hundreds of dead bodies would've been a living nightmare and something that no one should have to go through.The slaves were brought up on deck only to be fed one small meal of rice but a few days before they reached America, they were given extra food so they would look better and earn more money at the Slave Auctions. Some of the captives attempted to starve themselves, as often happened, they would be whipped and forced to eat. Over time, water/food supplies would run low and disease would spread through the rotting, unventilated slave deck killing hundreds. By the time the ship reached the halfway mark of the voyage, a third of the slaves had died. Many slaves fought to free themselves. They rebelled on the ships. Most of the time they did not succeed.Disease was very common among the slaves and was transmitted easily because of the poor hygiene and the way the slaves were packed together. A hundred out of five hundred slaves would die during the night because of unrecorded disease. The flux, smallpox and scurvy were the most spread diseases on the ships. To prevent scurvy, sailors often forced slaves to be more active and participate in what they called 'the dance'. In this dance, sailors snapped large whips at the naked bodies of the slaves. The shackles were left on during the dance and often tore away at their bruised flesh.What kind of life could they expect as a slave or convict:Daily life of a plantation slave:Could you imagine what it would be like to be owned by another human or be thought of as an object - being bought and sold just for slavery? There are two types of slaves - field slaves and house slaves or servants. Most people would think that being a house slave was the easier job out of the two, but being alert and on task 24/7 or having to cook for a whole plantation was not at all easy!A day in the life of a field slave:A field slave worked eighteen hours a day - from sunrise to sunset every day! They would be out in the field when the first sign of light shone through until it was too dark to see anything outside. Being a field slave was extremely tough as most of their days were spent sweltering under the hot sun. Female field slaves had to work as many hours as the men. If they were pregnant, they would work up until the baby was born and then would continue to work with the baby on their backs. All field workers lived in tiny huts with dirt floors and slept on rough blankets or mats. These huts were hardly...

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The Vietnam War: How America Lost the War Against Communism

1081 words - 4 pages bombing of North Vietnam commenced, and ground troops scoured the jungles for Viet Cong. The conflict went horribly wrong when the U.S troops began to be ambushed and out-smarted by the Viet Cong. The U.S troops entered Vietnam well aware that they would be fighting in a war, yet the war wasn't the conventional type. The Viet Cong were known to use some cunning guerilla warfare tactics against the stronger and better-armed American forces

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2262 words - 9 pages rate at which pictures and stories can be sent back and forth from Vietnam to the U.S. was extremely fast, public perceptions of war in general, changed. The government soon began to realize the immense power behind the media, and how the public took a better and more strong stand in what they believed in. In all, the news media was able to show Americans how terrible war exactly was. THE ANTIWAR MOVEMENT While the

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1481 words - 6 pages and assist against the spread of communism. How can we explain this intervention? One could argue that the Vietnam War started out of the conflict between France and its colony called Indochina that was composed by three countries, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. This era was also the Cold War era, and many historians believe that the foreign policy of the United States in other areas than Europe was influenced by the lessons drawn from WWII, the Cold

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879 words - 4 pages veterans themselves. Between 1960 and 1973, around 503,926 members of the U.S armed forces deserted the war. Many troops started to question the morality of the war after they began fighting in Vietnam. One of the most famous protests was that of Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) because when he had been drafted to fight in the war, he had refused, and was persecuted for that reason. But these are only a few of the many distinguished black forces who

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1091 words - 4 pages The Vietnam War Throughout the past century, there have been numerous controversial topics from suffrage to slavery. Perhaps one of the most controversial, at least in my opinion, was the war in Vietnam. Even today, right now, if you ask someone what he or she thinks about the Vietnam War, you are sure to get an earful. But, while opinions have their place, the real questions still linger. How did this war start? What was the United States

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3183 words - 13 pages Vietnam was so significant to the United States partly as it would be the first war they would lose. It also had a tremendous financial impact on the country and the casualties were also more in the public eye than ever before due to the media. They learnt that: "a long war for limited objectives, with its steady stream of body

The Vietnam War.

965 words - 4 pages The Vietnam War1.Vietnam separated because a man named Ho Chi Ming introduced communisation to Vietnam. The people of North Vietnam wanted Vietnam to be a communist country, but the people of South Vietnam didn't. So South Vietnam decided to separate from North Vietnam. North Vietnam did not like the way that South Vietnam dealt with the situation, and this caused a war.2.The conflict between North and South Vietnam went from 1954 to 1975. There

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2411 words - 10 pages other countries involved as well as the world as a whole. In my essay I will explain how far I agree with the statement, by looking at the ways the Vietnam War was significant in both the long and short term. A lot of people believe that the Vietnam War was mostly significant in the short term, it had an impact and effects on a number of different people in many countries. In the USA for example, 58,000 US soldiers died in the Vietnam War

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3446 words - 14 pages 1. IntroductionIt was supposed to be a South Vietnamese war with the U.S. advising those who were frightened in their freedom. But the U.S. would end up doing much more than just advising. The Vietnam War was supposed to be a demonstration of how willing the U.S. was to battle communism, but ended up a personal vendetta against North Vietnamese as the U.S.A. escalated its commitment in Vietnam infinitely greater than it had ever intended. At the

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1117 words - 4 pages Opposing the Vietnam War The War in Vietnam is one of the most controversial arguments in history. The main reason That it is so controversial, is because we lost. Both democrats and republicans argue that the way the war was handled should have been differently. Some ask why bother, the war is over and done with; that there is nothing anyone can do to change it. The amazing thing about history though is that we can learn

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1028 words - 4 pages a movement by other anti-war activist and celebrities. The GI's that were stationed in Vietnam begun to go along with anti-war movements, and they began to wear peace signs and refused to obey their leaders. In 1967, America began to have its own problems on the home front. Americans faced riots, rallies and civil unrest. The people of America turned against the military, especially when the troops came home, the people no longer respected the

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2793 words - 11 pages Robert S. McNamara, appointed by John F. Kennedy to the position of U.S. Secretary of Defense in 1961, said about the Vietnam War, “It is important to recognize it’s a South Vietnamese war. It will be won or lost depending upon what they do. We can advise and help, but they are responsible for the final results, and it remains to be seen how they will continue to conduct that war,'; (McNamara 72). Despite these guidelines

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