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How The World Expresses Teen Pregnancy

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How the World Expresses Teen Pregnancy
Teen pregnancy has been a debated issue throughout America and the world for years now. Many famous people have had their say on what they think about teen pregnancy along with the media. What the media says about teen pregnancy may change a lot of people’s views on this subject just because everyone believes that what the media says is true. Now in today’s day, there is reality television shows on teen pregnancy that to some people encourages young adults to go through teen pregnancy. How the world views teen pregnancy, is not how people should look at it. It should be viewed from God’s perspective and that’s what the older and younger generation of ...view middle of the document...

With friends, family, and even God missing, they will feel lonely and also feel like there is no point or place for them in life anymore.
Famous athletes and Actresses have also had sayings on what they think about teen pregnancy, and most of them are not so positive. When or if someone hears this they will think that it is okay to have a kid at a young age because their favorite athlete said it was okay and they were there role model.
Today in the world, teen pregnancy rate remains highest in the U.S. and continues to grow every year. Although many teens will second choice having a baby, and go through the abortion process it is not a process that God would want us to go through. Abortion is murder, because you are killing a living human. It is especially hard knowing that that human is your son or daughter and would one day want to see them grow up but they cant because you or your family cannot handle a baby at such a young age.
Even if you or your family cannot handle a baby at a young age, trying would help a lot, but also adoption. Even though this is such a hard thing to do and go through it may be the best choice for you and your family so that you can still study in school and not have to worry about a child. Adoption is great, because couples who cannot have a baby are looking for a child and wanting to take great care of him or her. If putting a child up for adoption they may get a lot better care then when you or your parents were taking care of him or her, just because they were so much more busier.
Teen pregnancy fell to an all time low in 2011, but there is still on average around 7.3 million a year still giving birth. Doctors have also had there say on teen pregnancy, at most people have thought it is a positive say, but really it is negative, and disrespectful to young teens who struggle with the issue of teen pregnancy. Doctors said that they should be able to prescribe Plan B to teens if or before they start having sex. This is also encouraging teens to have sex before marriage by people who you would not think to have said this. They think that this will reduce the amount of teen pregnancy in America rapidly, but it is not how it should be done in God’s eyes.
Many famous people have also come out right now and revealed secrets about there sexual life as teen. This is changing the view of how many people look at them now later on in there life. Chelsea Handler and outspoken comic said she had an abortion at 16. When she stated this she stated it in a furious matter striking out at all of the teen pregnancy reality television shows, saying that they should not be focusing on this stuff, and should be focusing on other things around the world. She says it is rewarding this young teens for being pregnant as a teenager. She also said being pregnant as a teenager is not something you should be proud of, and she sees that in the eyes of the young stars of the television show. “We’re seeking out such grossness in human behavior”...

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