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It’s that time of year again to play dress up with your kids. It’s also time to decorate with Jack ‘O Lanterns. How is it that you carve a pumpkin with kids though? Do you simply throw them on the bare table with knives? I am going to explain to you the process of carving pumpkins with kids. First, you need a few supplies: pumpkins, newspaper, safety carving tools (or carving kits work too), and a giant bowl. I say a giant bowl because we carve four pumpkins at a time; however, you can use a smaller bowl dependent on the size and quantity of your pumpkins. Second, you need a plan of action. Last but not least, you need a little creativity and a little leniency to get just a bit messy.
To begin the process of carving a pumpkin first you need to gather all your supplies. I don’t help the kids pick their pumpkins that’s grandma’s job. So when they get home from the pumpkin patch we wash the outside of our pumpkins and let them dry overnight. I usually pick up a carving book with tools while I am out grocery shopping. Then, the newspaper… this is kind of difficult for some because not everyone gets a subscription. I started getting a Sunday paper for the ads and coupons and saved the bulk of it for pumpkin guts. Now the bowl, I have a giant green bowl, it’s our popcorn bowl. Its sturdy plastic and huge so it’s perfect for the kids to throw pumpkin guts into.
OK, so now you want to know what all these supplies are for, right? First, make sure your table is cleaned off and dry. Then lay down the newspaper, open up the pages to cover the greatest surface area; if you have at least two Sunday papers this should give you a thick enough layer to keep your table from getting slimed. Now you should set out the pumpkins far enough from each other your kids won’t touch each other with slimy hands, but close enough you can help each of them without running a marathon. Then set out the tools needed to carve your pumpkins, and the giant bowl where your kids can reach easily to deposit the pumpkin guts.

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