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How To Ace A Math Test

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Many students suffer from anxiety right before a math test. Some students even become agitated whilst they are in the middle of their test, whether it be because of time shortages or lack of understanding. However, by enhancing your studying skills, prioritization skills and judgement calls, any math test becomes an easy task. Students who feel anxious about tests should not panic when it comes to taking math tests suggesting that with proper preparation, any math test can be aced.
Mathematics is a subject of logic, not memorization. Student’s tend to mingle the two learning strategies together when it comes to math. Unlike other subjects such as biology or history, math does not require you to primarily memorize the content before a test. Instead, math requires practice and repetition. In order to succeed on your math test, it is necessary to redo questions you feel are complex in order to ...view middle of the document...

Once you have decided to skip a question, it is crucial to mark it whichever way you choose so that you know to come back to it. Skipping a question is an effective test-writing skill as you will be saving time by answering doable question rather than pondering for a prolonged period of time about how to answer that one question. Also, there may be some hint or clue given away later on in the test pertaining to the unanswerable question, which will help you when you go back to try and answer it. A critical aspect of taking math tests is knowing when to and when not to skip a question.
Prioritization is key, especially in mathematics. Math tests have four sections: knowledge, application, thinking and communication; each weighted 23%, 20%, 15% and 12% of your final mark respectively. According to this, the knowledge section is approximately worth twice as much as the communication section. This indicates that despite the test layout, you should not necessarily complete it from start to finish. Instead, it is better to complete each section individually based on their weight factor. What this does is optimize your mark, since you will be assigning most of your time to the sections that matter most. Even if you were to skip communication, but perfect everything else, you would still have an 88%. Being able to prioritize which sections to complete first based on importance is an essential aspect of acing math tests.
High school students who feel uneasy about evaluations should not worry about taking math tests, provided that they have gone through the necessary steps to prepare and refine their test-taking skills. Taking tests may be easy for some; difficult for others. The best thing to do is to stay calm and manage your time wisely. Often students feel overwhelmed as the clock keeps ticking and they start to realize that time is running out. However, by following these steps, and reassuring yourself that you are well prepared, you will be successful.

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