How To Succeed In Business By Breaking All The Rules

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How To Succeed In Business By Breaking All The Rules

In How To Succeed In Business By Breaking All The Rules it states that to succeed in business one must be able to use an unorthodox style which allows that person to break free from ancient ways of thinking and be able to use new ideas in developing entrepreneurial and business skills. One way this will be proven is to look at how positive thinking and motivation hamper people in making tough business decisions. Secondly, this will be proven by examining the education system, and showing that one does not always need a university education to perform in a business environment. Thirdly, this will be proven by looking at the behavioral aspects of an entrepreneur, and how an entrepreneur's thinking pattern is quite unique compared to the average person. Finally, this will be proven by looking at the illusions of management and how managers have to adapt if they want to see results.

"Forget just about everything you were told about positive thinking and motivation." Positive thinking and motivation can encumber persons in business if not executed properly. People assume that by being positive they are in turn motivating people to work hard and complete tasks without impeding their space. This is not entirely true. There is a joke that many motivational speakers tell, as an illustration of positive thinking: "A guy has tripped and fallen off the roof of a thirty-story building. He is falling toward certain death. Some one yells out the fifteenth-story window, 'how are you doing?' And the falling fellow hollers back, 'Okay so far!'" This joke is not an accurate representation of positive thinking. It illustrates stupidity. This joke has taken positive thinking way out of proportion. It is okay to be positive when approaching tough situations, but a constant bombarding of motivational thoughts may in turn impede the situation overall. People are taught from the start that there are no bad ideas, and in-turn people who criticize these bad ideas are looked upon as "negative thinkers". Cynicism can actually be a healthy practice. By seeking out and eliminating bad ideas right from the get-go, the business or corporation is able appropriately deal with the problem and in a sense "nip it in the bud". A person can think positive all that they want, but they are still going to spill coffee on their new tie. By over-motivating a person, the same effect can happen. A person has to want to be motivated for it to work properly. "The Old Testament" of motivation states that any person can do any thing as long as they are motivated to do so. This is not entirely true. In order for a person to be motivated they must believe the idea. Sounds like an oxy-moron, but a person needs to be inspired before motivation can take place. For instance, a person needs to want a post secondary education before they can be motivated to do so.

A person does not necessarily need a university...

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