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How To Achieve Happiness Essay

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Matthew DeWitte
Mrs. Thomas
English II Honors, Period EF
March 6, 2014
“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”(Schoch). This phrase means that happiness is able to be obtained all the time, therefore all people should aspire to have happiness twenty-four seven. Happiness is said to be a certain mood the brain achieves when people feel good about themselves through others or their own selves. Happiness is also defined as a person that is in a good state of living. Having been sought out for as long as people were on the Earth, happiness has only been considered a mental aspect for a few hundred years. Many psychologists now focus their main studies solely on happiness and how to achieve it. Happiness is said to be achievable by everybody, but only one-third of all Americans have achieved “happiness” as deemed by psychologists researching a case study. Studying happiness, Researchers have found that it is achieved in terms of a single person’s life characteristics. Additionally, in order to be happy in life, it takes family and friends, a clean environment, and a good job to help keep the mind from developing anxieties.
In the first place, one of the main life characteristics and contributors to people’s happiness is family and friends. Having a good social environment relates to an astounding impact on happiness. According to Salynn Boyles, family relationships lead to more happiness than money does (Boyles 1). A case study was done where researchers found measurements of happiness in terms of family versus income. Finishing the study, they concluded that family relationships prove to be more important than the income of the family (Boyles). If money has not even been researched to be as effective in terms of achieving happiness as family, that makes family and friends almost the main contributor to happiness. A family helps people feel needed and wanted in life. Moreover, according to Ramesh Ponnuru, “Married people are happier than singles,” (Ponnuru 2). This only further proves that when people have someone to depend on, they tend to feel happiness. Equally important, a case study was done at the University of Texas that consisted of Texas researchers who analyzed 274 married adults that lived in San Francisco from 1981 to 1991. Every so often, they had the participants take surveys to measure income, life changes, and happiness. It was found that happiness was mainly changed as relationships in family changed (Boyles 1). This proved that happiness depends on people caring and being present in their family member’s lives. Another key factor of family and friends is the quality of listening. Lis Wiehl says that “Perhaps the greatest of all human desires is to be heard,” (Wiehl 97). What Wiehl is trying to say is that families that do not listen or are unable to communicate with other family members will lead to an underdevelopment in social qualities, giving people a sense of shyness...

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