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How To Avoid A Recession Essay

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Do we realize how fast our country is heading toward a recession? What are ways we can fix this problem so that we can stay out of a recession? Well I believe that there are about three ways for our country to stay out of a recession. The reasons I have came up with are having wage insurance or raising minimum wage, online education or better training programs, and also when applying for unemployment they should have it to where everyone has to prove that they have been looking and trying to get a job. Now all of these ways I have came up with will fix unemployment issues and bring us away from the road to recession.
Minimum wage as of right now is at $7.25 an hour which is not bad, however raising it a few dollars would get more people to search for a job. If we raised minimum wage they would actually have a reason to find a job and that is because they will make more money for what they do. Not everyone deserves that raise because not everyone works as hard as those workers that actually deserve the raise for the hard work they put in. But if it can get someone that is on unemployment or someone that just does not care to work to start searching and putting effort into finding a job for themselves. There are some downsides to this but there are upsides to raising the wage for everyone. Then there is also wage insurance which not everyone knows what that is. Wage insurance is a form of proposed insurance that will provide workers with compensation if they are forced to move to another job with a lower salary (Coy and Berfield).
I believe that someone who is laid off work for something happening with that job or someone who can not work for a period of time for a disability where they may get better and go back to work shortly after should be able to have unemployment. However, I do not believe that someone who is lazy and does not want to get a job or someone that gets on unemployment and then just wants to say they are looking for jobs, but yet they do not have to prove it. I think when applying and frequently while on it, those people should have to provide sources and something showing that they are actually doing what they say they are....

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