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During the early studies it was believed that stereotypes were only used by rigid and authoritarian people. Now it’s widely accepted and scientifically proven that each and everyone of us stereotypes others, and others stereotypes us. Many times people are so used to stereotyping other people that they won’t even notice how often they do it. I believe stereotyping can’t be stopped. People stereotype everyday. There are positive and negative categories that stereotyping fall under. Positive category is when people think good of another person. For example; if somebody likes Russians and he/she just met a person who is Russian, then they’ll like them too even though all Russians are different. Every person is unique. Bad category of stereotyping is when people think bad about someone else based on the stereotype they have created in their head. Although stereotyping can’t be stopped, part of negative stereotyping can be avoided. Trying to avoid stereotyping in general is not possible. People will still stereotype no matter how hard others will try to avoid it. People can partly avoid being stereotyped negatively by others, but can’t avoid being stereotyped overall.
Besides positive and negative categories of stereotyping, there are also two models of stereotyping. One is called “bookkeeping” and other is “sub-typing”. Bookkeeping stereotypes don’t just disappear, they update and sub-typing stereotypes create a classification. These are the models and categories stereotyping have. They are most efficient for people to use. It’s very fast and easy to just look at the person and by his appearance stereotype him and decide to meet him or not. In this situation, to avoid being stereotyped a person should wear a proper outfit. People shouldn’t come to a church in their gangster clothes and shouldn’t laugh at their grandmas funeral because they’ll be stereotyped right away.
Bookkeeping is when people learn new contradictory information and adjust the stereotype to adopt to the new information. This can be both, a good and a bad thing. It’s good when it goes from being negatively stereotyped to positively, and bad if it’s the other way. Research showed that by simply wearing glasses will automatically make a person look smarter. Choosing what kind of clothes a person wears can determine how he/she will be stereotyped....

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