How To Be A Good Writer In High School

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In high school, I did not like writing. Writing is nightmare for most high school students. They prefer death than do writing. I was a bad writer in my class, but then I became the top ten best writers in my school. I discovered that to write is to discover ideas and put into words. However, to put ideas into words and to discover new ideas are harder than to teach fish to walk. For that, I make a guideline for high school students. First, students need to understand grammar, and read books critically. Then, they have to study about writing types, and to write creatively.
The first step is to understand grammar. If you want to be a good writer, you have to understand how to write good ...view middle of the document...

First, you can study about the writer by learning about their biography. It helps you understand the purpose of their works. Then, I suggest you should examine the characters. They are the foundation of the story. Characters are distinctive, so you have to pay close attention to their behaviors, class, and perspectives. Next, you should notice the events in the story. Events are important because you can use them as your supporting ideas or examples. The stories that are in the education curriculum contain many special and historical events. If you know every important event in the story, you will have a lot of ideas to throw in your paper. It is always helpful to analyze the conflict of the story. Since, you can quickly respond to the writing prompt. What’s more, you can also learn about the moral and lesson of the story.
Now that I finished my guideline about grammar and reading let’s move to writing types. In high school, there are three types of writing, and those are Pun Yol, Pre Tap, and Pe Peak Sa. You need to understand these three writing. I will guild you through some important points for each type.
First, Pun Yol is explanatory writing. You learned to writing this kind of writing in grade six. It is always appear in the first semester exam for high school students. Pun Yol writing requires students to explain about the characters, events, and conflicts of a story. Sometime the prompt also asks to describe about general topic, such as environment and society. You have to remember that this type of writing is objective, so you have to give evidences to your claim as much as possible. Moreover, you cannot make any assumption without reasons. I strongly suggest that you should use the information from the story. The examiner will give you a good grade, if you show them that you know the story clearly.
Pre Tap writing is quite similar to Pun Yol. Pre Tap writing is you compare two things, and it can be character and character, event and event, conflict and conflict. You have to describe both sides, and make a claim. You cannot include your opinion because Pre Tap is very objective. Therefore, you have to use a lot of information from the story.
Pe Peak Sa is similar to argumentative writing. In this kind of writing, sometime the prompt give you one claim, and sometime there are two. Your job is to argue whether you for or against the claim. If the prompt give you one claim, the first body...

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