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How To Be A Successful Student In College

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The dilemma that faces many parents and students during admission is to select an appropriate college. Parents want their children to not only study, but also to perform well in their class. What the parents forget is that a good college alone does not guarantee the success of a student. It is upon the students to define strategies to ensure that every goal is in place once they arrive at college. Various studies by scholars show that there are three classifications of college learners. They include the surface, strategic, and deep learners. The surface learners do not execute much of the college mandatory requirements. In addition, they do diminutive activities to lessen the need to study. ...view middle of the document...

Thirdly, every successful scholar confesses that in order to earn success while at college, one need to create a set of minor questions that lead to the big question. One example of the questions given by successful college scholars such as Jeff Hawkins includes: Since life subsists, what encompasses the personality of brainpower? The answer to the question lies in the dedication of the student to pursue college education. The strategy of creating the questions depends on how the student understands their course. Another approach to finding the meaning of the course is to show empathy. When one identifies the mistakes made by their fellow students, they should be kind enough to inform them.
Such acts make the student cultivate empathy that allows the pursuance of priorities. Fourthly, students need to set targets and design a method of fulfilling the goals. If the student envisions the future and successful achievement of their goals, the only remaining obstacle is to concentrate on the matter at hand, which entails understanding the importance...

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