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How To Be Independent In A Relationship?

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Often, if you look around, you will find that most people give utmost importance to their partners. Surely, it is a good sign, until you reach the state wherein you constantly think about ways to keep him//her happy. So what does it take to be independent in a relationship, without jeopardizing your own happiness? Well, for most, the idea of an independent relationship relates to be able to go out with pals, relaxing on a Sunday morning and having some sort of command over the remote when watching television with the partner.
The List of Do’s
To be independent in a relationship, certain things must be observed with care. The following points may be useful to you:

• Create Your Own Space: Sometimes it is very easy to lose yourself in a relationship, particularly when you spend most of your time attending to the needs of your partner. Sooner or later, when you come to realize this, make sure you take some time off to read a book, stroll in a park, getting a massage or even a hot shower for the matter.
• Keep In Touch With Your Friends: While in a relationship, your entire focus shifts to your partner, for which your friends keep complaining from time to time. Having space in a relationship means to be able to socialize with your friends, for they are the ones who see you through a terrible break up almost always. So set yourself up to be independent in a relationship and hang out with your best pals at least once a week.
• Appreciate Your Hobbies: Mostly, people in a relationship prefer doing certain activities with their partner. Your boyfriend or girlfriend may not appreciate your passion for yoga, although he/she appreciates going for a jog with you. There is nothing to worry in such cases. Just make sure to nurture your passion, without giving in to the likes/dislikes of your loved one.
• Plan Your Future, Irrespective Of Your Present: You may ask, how does planning a future without your partner fit the bill of being independent in a relationship? As much as you would like to have a future with you current partner, it is very important that you understand your inner desires, particularly the ones that have to do with your career and personal life. Identify the things that you do not want to sacrifice for your lover and make short/ long term plans without him/her.
• Don’t Keep A Constant Check: Pledging to be independent, while chatting with your partner over the phone every 5 minutes does not count. You need to disconnect with your partner to pursue your own interests like reading a book or exercising in order to maintain the person you are.
• Try Out New Things: When your partner wants to introduce something new to you, embrace the opportunity. Give it a try and...

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