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How To Be Successful In Your First Year Of Teaching Elementary School, By Tena Green

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“How to Be Successful in Your First Year of Teaching Elementary School” by Tena Green is a literary, nonfiction book that is divided in to numerous sections to help new teachers become effective in their careers. This book is very insightful and through when describing different parts of the elementary teaching career such as preparing for the demands of the job, maintaining a healthy budget, teaching with technology, creating a trusting atmosphere and defining the general roles a teacher can be to their students. The book however, lacks solid evidence of real-word scientific, research, but overall, does a great job in offering advice in situations a teacher may face in their career.
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Being a confidant to a child is being there as a friend, while a social worker role is needed in case a child is in need of protection outside the classroom (example: if a child doesn’t want to go home because their parents are abusing them, further action needs to be taken). Further, the provider is there when a student is in need, including providing lunch money, hat, gloves, etcetera. In this case though, I believe that there needs to be an importance shown within in the child that is forgetting often so that either reasonability can be learned, or parents can be contacted. The Psychologist role comes in to play for the students’ personalities. Green says that many students may need an extra push to break out of their shyness and learn to participate with the surroundings of the social atmosphere in the classroom. In this case, a teacher needs to be concerned and try to help the children who do need some extra support in the classroom. The cheerleader role is there for when the teacher needs to reward the students for work they have done and motivate them to continue their goals in education. Finally, the referee helps in the disagreements between students and takes the necessary actions in disciplining the child/children appropriately. I believe that it is important to realize and keep in mind that a teacher is not just there to teach content material, but are there to help the students succeed in life through physical, social and emotional relationships in the classroom. I enjoyed that Green added this section into her book defining this volume of work required for the job.
Teaching a range of 20-30 elementary-age students approximately 6 hours, 5 days a week through these varieties of job roles can be extremely demanding and stressful if the teacher is not taking care of herself on a daily basis. In chapter ten, Green talks about classroom organizational and personal tips to help the teacher avoid a “burn-out” by the end of the workday or week. I especially enjoy this because I am the type of person who will work until I burnout and get frustrated, if not completely organized or in control of the things I have to do. I like that Green incorporated personal tips such as eating healthy, taking up an enjoyable hobby, excising and getting plenty of sleep so that you can be the best you can be for yourself, students, friends and family to help come to grips with the stress of their job. Green offers advice when she states, “never allow yourself to think you must have control over every situation… accept that you cannot control every situation… but that you can control your feelings and responses” (249). I like this quotation for the fact that it implies that you wont be able to always get everything to go your way, but it is how you react to the situation on how you feel about it.
A part of working with young children in education, is understanding them on a certain personal level so that optimal learning can be reached throughout the...

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